Alexis OSB Babe by Miserable George

PRESTON…at Roscoe’s by Miserable George

     I was checking out the custom bikes under the tent, and this little honey said she’d like to pose….so we accommodated her. All I know is, her name is Preston, and she’s beautiful….enjoy!!!!

Miserable George

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H&D Roadhouse…Bikes ‘n Babes

     In the few short years that H&D Roadhouse has been open, it has become Brevard County’s primo Biker Bar, featuring bikes, cars, and of course…BABES. We’ve tried to cover those categories today in Old School Biker Magazine. We ask on behalf of Harry and Deb Vigliano, the owners and operators, that you patronize this fabulous establishment….a local business, run by local folks. You’ll be glad you did…we thank you…THEY thank you…! GOD bless you all…

Miserable George & ValGal

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BABES-2003 VOUS by Miserable George

Since we’re stuck at home for now, I figured I’d entertain the guys with some babes from the VOUS from back in 2003. Bear in mind, these are from 17 years ago, so a lot has changed…enjoy…!!!


BRUNETTE  ON A BIKE by Miserable George

Several years ago, at a Crew Jam Party, under the 520 Bridge, we had a little shoot to select two cover girls for an author friend of mine. One of them was THIS lady, Tonya. We procured a bike, and fired away. A big thanks to the owner…(forgot his name)…!!Thank you too, little Miss Tonya…that was a fun day…

Miserable George

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ROSCOE’S LITTLE HONEYS by Miserable George

In just a few short weeks, the 34th. edition of the famed Roscoe’s Chili Challenge will take place just outside of Lakeland, Fl. SO, we figured we’d send you a little “primer” just in case you might be “on the fence” as to whether you wanna go or not. Old School Biker Magazine will be there, and, who knows….YOU might just get into the magazine!!! Check it out…  See YOU there…???

Miserable George

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Tonya by Miserable George


ALLIE and a CHEVVY by Miserable George

 OK folks, we’re back…on a blistering  HOT day at the Hot Rod Garage of my friend, Jimmy. We were lucky today…no rain!!! Our little friend is Allie, wearing her favorite little PIN-UP Sailor dress, and, a brand new outfit she just got. We hope you’ll all enjoy the layout, and, with any luck…we just MIGHT get Allie in front of our cameras again sometime. 


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