Tanner Jam 2024 by Miserable George

Tanner Jam-2024. Nice crowd at H&D Roadhouse for the big Tanner Jam party, even though Tanner himself could not be there until later, I missed him. Several live bands, a poker run, plenty to eat and drink…lots of merchandise for sale too. All for the support of the Cystic Fibrosis research program. Let’s hope that someday, we can stop this disease… Thank you all for your support!

George ‘Miserable’ Guignet

Willie’s Choppertime Tattoo Bike Show ’24 by Miserable George

Willie’s Choppertime Tattoo Bike Show ’24 by Miserable George

See Valgal’s coverage of the event HERE.

Willie’s Choppertime Tattoo Bike Show ’24 by Valgal

AGAIN! Willie pulls off a Fantastic chopper show! The BEST ALWAYS! 

As you can tell, I am a Big fan of Willie and what he does TWICE a year for us! The show grows every year, this year there was record attendance… AGAIN! 

So much goes on behind the scenes even I don’t know how he does it! But I am positive he has plenty of support!

Weather was great and the assortment of people that came and went was phenomenal… it is awesome to watch, I get there relatively early and get to watch it fill up throughout the day… 

Well we took plenty of photos for you to enjoy if you happened to miss it this year! I will post Miserable George’s photos as well HERE in OSB Magazine. Please share and subscribe to our Facebook Page… It helps keep this content coming! 😀 

Enjoy… Valgal

Beaver Bar -Midwest Cycle Bike show 2/25/2024 by Valgal

Valgal got these great shots at the Beaver Bar on 2/25/2024.

POST- 359….First Bike Day for 2024 by Miserable George

     Well, the first Bike Day of the New Year looked like it MIGHT get rained on, but at the last minute…..the skies turned blue, and the riders started to filter in.

The live band, “Not Just Candi” was wailing away…even had a few dancers….food was being served, along with your favorite adult beverage. The 50/50 winner donated it all back…sorry, I didn’t get his name, but, THANK YOU,SIR…!!!

All in all, it was a pleasant way to wile away the afternoon. My thanks to all the folks who posed for pictures.

Hey, thank a VET today…GOD BLESS you all…hope to see you all next month….

Miserable George