32nd Moving Wall & All Veterans Reunion by Miserable George

   This huge event, the 32nd Moving Wall & All Veterans Reunion, began with the assembly of motorcycles, and various other necessary vehicles, at the BCC Campus on Clearlake Rd. in Cocoa, Fl, on Sunday, May 5, 2019. ValGal covered this phase of the event, while I proceeded directly to my usual vantage point on high ground in the Pineda area.

As always, local law enforcement agencies expertly handled the immense amount of traffic associated with an event of this size. There were no tie-ups that I knew of, although, there’s always some grumbling by motorists that are held up by the very long column of nearly 800 motorcycles and support vehicles.

After shooting my pictures, I proceeded to Wickham Park to shoot the next phase…setting up the Wall, and other displays, associated with America’s conflicts, which showed the names of combat people who lost their lives protecting our country and our rights. Very sad to see those thousands of names. This ended my day at the Park, but, I would return the following Saturday for the actual reunion.

    Saturday, May 11, 2019, dawned bright and clear, with a scourge of the cursed Love Bugs, which had been invading our area for the past week…Mother Nature fought us, but, I think we won…at least THIS battle!!

I arrived at the park in time for the landing of 3 combat helicopters, after which, was the Presentation of the Colors Ceremony, opening prayers , and our National Anthem, a very solemn segment of the day’s activities.

Noted local DJ, Doc Holiday was doing his usual bang-up job with the music, and, I had the honor of meeting two WW2 veterans…God Bless ‘em!! By this time, all the vendors were set up, with all manner of military goods…there was food, drink, and snacks of every description as well.

Over in the Wall area, all displays were in order, and being viewed by a huge crowd, including many younger people…let’s hope that THEY never have to go through what the people on the Wall did…!

This year, as like last, the helicopters flew low over the pond behind the Wall, dipping their noses down in tribute…it was quite a sight…very moving…!!  

Now, it was time for this old boy to head for home…a home I could retain, thanks to the sacrifices of the many who are named on the Wall. GOD BLESS them all. Please, support our troops, and, stand up for your country!!! Ride safe…

Miserable George

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