A HOT BIKER SATURDAY AT POST 359 by Miserable George

     In spite of a blistering HOT Saturday afternoon, the back deck of Post 359 was literally  PACKED with folks who came out to meet friends, or maybe just to listen to the music and have a few cold ones. Whatever your reason , I’m certain that you had a good time…!!! The band-”ROUGHOUSE” had them dancing in no time. Heck, there was even a wheel chair bound lady out on the floor!!! As usual, the food was good and the beer was cold…!!! That in itself, had a good grip on the attending folks..!!! I met several folks that I hadn’t seen for quite  a while.

I also got asked to be BEST MAN at the wedding of a good friend….I was never a Best Man before…!!! 

Folks…thank a VET today, and may GOD BLESS you all….

Miserable George