Air Cleaner conversion Ram Air by English Jim

As the manual stated I need to Change the air filter at 20,000 miles. I looked online and found this kit. My options were simple for a few more $$ than stock I could go with a K&N drop in filter which is tried and true. Or alternative do away with all the plumbing under the tank and get a free tool box under the seat. Plus extra Horses only for a bit extra.

Then was a link to Youtube. Ah ha time for another Capt morgan and watch the video, Kit comes with easy instruction I am told

Ordered it straight from my phone and 2 days later postman is knocking at my door. Had it fitted later that day.

A picture says a thousands words as the old saying goes. So not going to bore ya with the step by step instructions.

Results are the Triumph Rocket 3 has more throttle response for an hours work with simple tools. Sounds great under acceleration . Plus no dealer costs of a ECU Tune. Run the Bike till the fan kicks in and run for another 12 minutes and it maps itself.

English Jim

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