BIKE DAY 1/7/2023 at American Legion POST 359 by Miserable George

     Well…wouldn’t ya know it…another cold snap…!!! This one was mild compared to Christmas, and the crowd DID turn out at Legion Post 359 on Jan. 7th, 2023…! It warmed up pretty nice, and as I said….there was quite a bit of action on that huge patio out back. The Whiskey JuJu Band stirred the crowd up real well…lots of dancers out there in no time. Again, some good food if you were hungry…I WAS…so, I indulged. Both bars were “manned” by some gorgeous bar-maids…my friend Sarah Williams was handling the action at the Riders Roost….!!! Ran into a few old friends as well. All in all, a good day to be outside, mingling with the riders….looking forward to the next get-together.

Hey…thank a VET today,  be safe, and ValGal and I will catch ya’ll later…

Miserable George and ValGal…..

Bike Day at 359 by Miserable George

     It had been awhile since I attended Bike Day at 359, and as luck would have it, Dec. 4, 2021 was “weather perfect”…!!! I got there early to grab some lunch…very tasty indeed..!!! 

BIG DADDY was playing, so of course, the place filled up…FAST!!! Met a bunch of old friends…(as always), plus, two NEW ones!!! Lots of progress on the new rest room facility…that will be a BIG help for the outside crowd. One thing that was a first for me…they sold out of 50/50 tickets…!!

Never saw THAT before…$660 total…winner got $330…$100 of which was donated back!!! Folks, I believe this was one of the largest crowds I’ve ever seen at 359, and, Big Daddy had a bunch of them shaking it up out there on the dance floor.  I love that band!!!!!

Hey…thank a Vet today, ride safe, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Miserable George

Bike Day at the TIKI American Legion Post 359 by Miserable George

This was my first visit to Post 359 since their back deck re-build, and, I tell ya, I was amazed!!! The completed project now features about double the floor space, stage, and, 2 (count ‘em) 2 serving bars, plus a ramp for wheelchair access!! Everything built from weather-proof material, so, it will last. PLUS…in the works…additional parking space!!

Folks, this organization went out of their way to make a fabulous party venue…all for YOU!!! AND YES, there were several large fans to help with cooling during these hot spells we’ve been suffering through!!

As usual, the cooks did a fabulous job, especially with those famous half-pound burgers…they truly are the best!!

The Spanks Band had the ladies hopping around out there, despite the over powering heat, and the Jello-shot girl did her job well!!!

Also present was Mack, the former FOX 35 Weather Baby…8 months old now, and almost ready to walk!!

Folks, if you’re looking for a fantastic party place, American Legion Post 359 on U.S.#1, just north of Port St. John is your spot!!

Bike Day is always the 1st. Saturday of the month…good food, good music, babes, drinks, the works…! We’ll be lookin’ for ya.

Ride safe, and, stand up for your country…

Miserable George & ValGal

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BIKE DAY AT 359 by Miserable George

Man, I can hardly believe it’s June already…! Bike Day went on as usual, even during the expansion of the elevated patio and Tiki Bar out back. Work is progressing very nicely, the bikers are adjusting to a slight inconvenience as far as floor space, etc.

The band, “Freeway” wailed away all day, and despite the heat…there were people dancing..!!

ME…? Well, I settled for one of Chief Cook Sean’s huge, hand made burgers, and all that goes with it..!

We DID talk Liz and daughter Shelby into posing with a couple hot rods out in the parking area.

It was a fun day with a group of friendly folks.

Need something to do on the first Saturday of the month…? Head on up to Legion Post 359 on US#1, just north of Port St. John around 1PM. Tell ‘em Old School Biker Magazine sent ya.

Hey, ride safe, and, stand up for your country…!!!

Miserable George

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