BIKE DAY…LEGION POST 359 by Miserable George

     The Big Weatherman in the Sky could not have been kinder on Dec. 3, 2022….Bike Day at 359 was blessed with virtually PERFECT weather. I got there at about 12:30 PM, and close to an hour later, the outside deck was jam packed…!!! The Low-Down-Band was ready to go, as was the food. I didn’t do any dancing, BUT, I did do some eating…! Molly and Shelly, the two gorgeous bar maids, were getting pretty busy too, keeping the cold ones moving. A steady stream of bikes was moving into the big parking area…plenty of activity all afternoon. I did run into several friends that I hadn’t seen for awhile; that’s always nice. I must thank all the folks there for their cooperation as far as my photography goes…everybody was SMILING. Hey, that Low-Down-Band cranked out some TUNES all afternoon…got a few people to dancing. Folks, YOU gotta stay TUNED for BIke Day at 359…first Sat. of the month…BE THERE!!! Thank a Vet today, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George