BIKE WEEK BABE at Willie’s by Miserable George

Just my opinion now, but of all the “special events” at Daytona’s Bike Week, I think Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show attracts the prettiest of the pretty when it comes to females.

While doing our “thing” there back in 2011, we noticed this lovely lady checking out the custom scoots, and, she agreed to pose with one of the machines. Getting these shots was NOT an easy task, because of how tightly the bikes are parked out front, but, she was game, so, we did it.  I kinda overlooked these shots down through the years, but came across them just today, and figured…hey…why not…?

I never did get her name, nor any data on the motorcycle, but thought our readers might enjoy the pictures.

So, through the process of spontaneous photography…here they are…!!!

Hey, ride safe, and stand up for your country…

Miserable George

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