I’ve known Billy Lane for quite a few years now, and when I heard about his “Sons of Speed” project, I knew it would be a success!! It’s been in operation for over 3 years now, and is growing steadily. We always catch the racing out at New Smyrna Speedway in Samsula, Fl….a half mile, with a fair amount of banking, providing plenty of action. Several lady racers have also joined in the action!!!. The pictures you see here are from the first race, up to the last one during Bike Week, 2020. No information as yet on the plans for Biketoberfest…stay tuned…ride safe…enjoy the photos…

Miserable George

BILLY LANE’S SONS OF SPEED by Miserable George

The action at this year’s Biketoberfest Billy Lane’s Sons of Speed vintage Motorcycle Races, at New Smyrna Speedway, began on a note of sadness, at the announcement of the passing of racer Mark Hanna this past June…the race was dedicated to Mark…

      This race was held under the lights, which caused a “slight” problem for me, in as much as I didn’t want to use my camera flash shooting the  riders in action on the track. Making adjustments to the different race situations proved to be quite a chore, so I set what I figured would be a good “mean” setting…BUT…I was wrong, so some of the action is a bit blurred…please bear with me…OK?

There was yet another touch of sadness at the news of Brittney Olsen’s retirement from active motorcycle racing…always loved to watch that little girl race…she was GOOD too, although this last time out…she failed to score a final win. Good luck, Brittney…!!!

It was touch and go with the weather all evening, as we experienced some drizzle during the race…an all-out shower coming just after the final lap!!!!

The winners were:

45” Class…E-bay Jake
Stock 61” Class…ROXY HANNA!!!
Hot 61” Class…E-bay Jake.

It was a safe event…no spills. Air was a bit cooler, so the bikes ran a bit better too.

AS always, I wanna thank Billy Lane and his wife Erin for their awesome hospitality, as well as some of the crew members for their information during the action. Looking forward to Bike Week, 2020 and the next Sons of Speed event…

Miserable George


Cacklebery…and…Cabbage Patch by Miserable George

OK, ValGal asked me to come up to Cacklebery on Friday of Biketoberfest to kind of ”back her up”, as it were…!!! I couldn’t stay very long, because I wanted to cover the Sons of Speed Vintage MC Race at New Smyrna Speedway, just down the road. I hooked up with Jackman, and we crossed over to the Cabbage Patch for some chow and to have a look around over there, till it was time to head for the speedway. Weather was kind of “iffy”, with occasional “drippies”, but, we persevered.  Biketoberfest was fast coming to an end for this old boy!!! Not as energetic as I used to be!!! But, we had fun…that’s what counts. See ya around!!!

Miserable George

CACKLEBERY and the PATCH by Miserable George

Wednesday at Bike Week is always our day to visit

a Bike Week tradition…the Cabbage Patch…

and now…it looks like yet another tradition has been born…

just across the road…Cacklebery Campground.

Both venues were jammed to the hilt with revelers from all over the world-literally- a sea of eager bikers, out to cram all the fun they could into their beings, in as short a time as possible…(it seemed)!! But hell, that’s Bike Week!!  

With Cole Slaw Wrestling, the Budweiser Clydsdales, the gorgeous “beer girls”, food of every conceivable type, plus vendors selling just about anything you could imagine, and a campgrounds near-by…I mean, this was IT!!!

Folks, this is a corner of Bike Week you wanna get acquainted with ASAP!! Go to SR 415 & Pioneer Trail in Samsula…easy to find…that’s where it’s happening!!!

Maybe we’ll see ya there next time…

Miserable George

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Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show Bike Week Daytona 2017 by Miserable George and ValGal

     Someone made the statement that this was Willie’s biggest bike week crowd yet, and, I’m inclined to believe it!!

Motorcycles completely engulfed the Tropical Tattoo area, accented this year, by a brand new sign…the former one being taken out by a recent hurricane!!! As always, the fans and the custom bikes out front, became a sea of Bike Week magic, along with vendors, MANY pretty ladies, a few Rat Rods, and…Roadside Marty…doing his best to intimidate the babes, AND, he succeeded !!! All in the spirit of the occasion!!!

Around back…Big Rick and the Troublemakers were rockin, food vendors were busy, keeping the enthusiastic crowd well fed, and the beer girls were…well…BUSY!!!

Many clubs were well represented, as was a large Veteran’s Organization…so nice to see those men enjoying themselves.

Back out front, trophies were presented to all the bike show winners, by the beautiful Trophy Girls…whom, as always, were a sight to behold!!

Thanks to Willie Jones and all his fabulous staff for a job well done…AGAIN!!! Hey…ride safe, and support our Vets and Armed Forces everywhere!!

Miserable George & ValGal

Miserable George’s Pics

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Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Bike Show Biketoberfest 2015 by ValGal and Miserable George

Ya know, there are rumors floating around that the 2015 Biketoberfest Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Ol’ School Chopper Show, may very well be the final one for Biketoberfest’s to come.

Never fear…regular Bike Week, it will still go on. We talked to Willie about this, and he’s still not 100% sure of what he’s gonna do. Well, if this year’s show was the last for Biketoberfest…I went out with a BANG…! Many, many eye catching, hand built, one-of-a-kind machines, graced the big lot out front, many of them sometimes decorated by a beautiful lady…!!

Oh yes…there were lots of eye catching babes there too…most of them willing to pose for a few pics, IF ya didn’t get too pesty.

A real treat again this year, was the presence of ace bike builder, Dave Perewitz, who also provided hand made trophies for some of the various winners.  Our friend, ROGUE…(check spelling), was on the grounds too, as was the legendary Billy Lane…lookin’ good, BIlly..!!

And, as always, the inimitable Roadside Marty did his fabulous job as MC, as only HE can do it…Lots of older Vets there enjoying the action too…always glad to see those men out and about. Let’s NEVER forget those men and what they sacrificed for our security.

Big thanks too, to Big Rick and the Troublemakers Band…always nice to talk with Rick…Good job, guys. That’s it for now…til Bike Week, 2016…ride safe…

Miserable George

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