Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper time, Biketoberfest 2023 by Miserable George

      Here it is, 2023 Biketoberfest in Daytona…10/19 and the weather is absolutely PERFECT…no better day for Willie’s Chopper Time Show…! ValGal and I rolled in around 11AM, and I started shooting pics of a gorgeous lady… the Publix parking lot, no less!!! I hoped that was an omen of things to come..!!! The crowd was down a bit because it was Biketoberfest…NOT regular Bike Week. We made our rounds, checking out all the custom scoots, and the babes!! Ran into a bunch from Reading, PA. who went to the same party I went to when I lived up north..!!! Like old home week!!!AS the day progressed, the winners lined up to show their bikes up front…ValGal got those shots. I went to the back where there were some nice shadows which made it a bit cooler. All in all, a fabulous event, after which we stopped at Pappas Restaurant for our regular “after Willies” meal…a perfect way to end the day.

Hey, thank a VET today, ride safe, and we’ll see ya’ll next time.

Miserable George & ValGal

Sorry, I never did get the name of the  band…..