CABBAGE PATCH…BIKE WEEK-2023 by Miserable George

        ValGal and I rolled into the Cabbage Patch on Wed. March 8 , and as usual…we were a bit early…OR…was the Cabbage Patch a little late. Either way, we had time to kill before the wrestling started. I did my usual walk-around inside the big field and had the pleasure of meeting some really nice folks from all over the country. They finally brought the cabbage shredder in, got THAT done, and rounded up a bunch of lady “wrestlers”….the show began!!!!!!!I never did get the winners’  name. Old friend, MC Radical Randy gave me a very nice introduction…thanks Randy…!!! We gave the grounds the “once-over”, and by now, this OLD MAN was ready to hit the road for home. It was a fun filled day for sure!!! Had to save energy for Willie’s the following day!!!!

Hey, thank a VET today…ride carefully…

Miserable George & ValGal