Cacklebery…and…Cabbage Patch by Miserable George

OK, ValGal asked me to come up to Cacklebery on Friday of Biketoberfest to kind of ”back her up”, as it were…!!! I couldn’t stay very long, because I wanted to cover the Sons of Speed Vintage MC Race at New Smyrna Speedway, just down the road. I hooked up with Jackman, and we crossed over to the Cabbage Patch for some chow and to have a look around over there, till it was time to head for the speedway. Weather was kind of “iffy”, with occasional “drippies”, but, we persevered.  Biketoberfest was fast coming to an end for this old boy!!! Not as energetic as I used to be!!! But, we had fun…that’s what counts. See ya around!!!

Miserable George