A Day at Cacklebery and the Cabbage Patch with Miserable George

As Biketoberfest, 2018, was winding down, ValGal and I hit Cacklebery Campgrounds, and (across the street)…the ol’ Cabbage Patch Bar and grounds.

Yeah, it was another blistering, hot day in Florida, but, we made up our minds that we’d stick it out as long as possible!! We first checked in with BIG DADDY, my good friend and neighbor, AND…Bandmaster!!! His band is PRIMO!!! Then, it was the usual walking around…checking out the chicks, displays, and the general lay of the land.

Later in the day, the World Renowned COLE SLAW WRESTLING. I guess the newbies get a real charge out of that…! For ME, it was torture in the hot sun…I’ll be honest about it.

We bumped into our good friend, ace lensman, Jackman…always nice to see him, and a few old friends as well.

Nice crowd out there, sweating their butts off, soaking up the suds!!! Val and I stood it as long as we could, and along with many others, decided the heat was just too much. But, despite the weather, it was a fun day…better than rain, I guess.

Don’t forget our Vets, and…stand up for your country…!!! See ya next time…

Miserable and ValGal

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