CFEC Toy Run by Valgal & Miserable George

The weather was perfect for this year’s toy run… Thank you to all the vendors that came to support… Shovelhed THANK YOU! Y’all played great music for the riders that came to give presents to the needy children of Brevard County… But can I stir up some issues? 


*NEVER has anyone had an event the same day as the Brevard County Toy Run! (Why would they compete against children in need you ask?)

*No Pre-event meet up…Like the mall! We can still meet up!

NO SUPPORT! WHY? There are still CHILDREN IN NEED in Brevard County! I had fun at this year’s event but… It needs some TLC…

I did not put this out there to berate anyone… they did a great job, but more needs to be done to attract people… The amount of children needing help this Holiday is more than ever! WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER FOR THEM!… We will advertise this event for FREE next year. (No one ever asked!)

Until then, thank a veteran and have a great Christmas!


CFEC TOY RUN by Miserable George

     I met ValGal at Merritt Square Mall on Sunday morning, Dec. 5, 2021 to aid in covering the new Central Florida East Coast Charities Inc. Toy Run. I must admit, I was disappointed at the number of bikes there, preparing to ride to Club 52 in Melbourne…at the old Dog Track…the Run’s destination. There was no police escort…if you were going…you were on your own. I left ahead of the group and arrived at CLUB 52, and found a huge parking area with a scattering of bikes, plus an assortment of vendors. At that point, I wasn’t really too enthusiastic…HOWEVER…a short while later, the motorcycles started to roll in, and the parking lot really started to fill up…!!!

Entertainment consisted of Doc Holiday, The Shovelhed Band, plus TMI…now, THAT’S a bunch of headliners for sure!!! NOW, I was ENTHUSIASTIC!!! Lots of food available, plus cold ones too!! That’s where the longest line was!!!  At this point, the place was BUZZING!!! Plenty of place to sit as well…that’s what this old guy needed..!! While chatting with Doc, I found out that he will be retiring from the DJ business next Sept…folks…I hate to see HIM go!! He was always #1 in my DJ book…!!! Met lots of old friends too. Gotta thank The Unchained Kings for their un-ending hospitality…a fine group. Even though I was pretty tired, I left for home with a smile on my face…the whole day did a turn-about, and ended up a complete success! Lots of toys for the needy kids..!

Thank you to all who participated.

Merry Christmas from Old School Biker Magazine…

Miserable George and ValGal!!!!