Wrecking Crew Chili Cook-Off by Miserable George

     With the weather being “iffy”, their street blocked off, and me…a stranger to the area, AND, it was dark on that Dec. 12, 2020, all combined, I was lucky to find the Wrecking Crew CH….BUT…I found it…!!! Nice crowd was already there sampling the chili creations of 9 different cooks, and I joined right in. I sampled 5 different pots, made my choice, and voted! The winners were awarded cash, and medallion type trophies, plus, the #1 winner received a neat model privy. Hey, after eating all that chili….well….you figure it out!!! I believe this will be an annual event, and I’m glad, because I LOVE CHILI…!!!   My thanks goes out to the Wrecking Crew  MC for their hospitality. Keep yer eyes peeled for other up-coming events…

Miserable George