CHURCH OF CHOP by Miserable George

I’d say the weather was about as good as you’d want for a Rat Rod Show…Church of Chop presented their 8th. Annual show at Iron Horse Saloon on US#1 in Ormond Beach…SO…ValGal and I HEMI’d up there to take in the sights!!! And what sights there were!!!! Babes, cars, bikes, and a live band to keep the blood flowin’!! Lots of PIN-UP Girls prancing around, eager to please with some VERY GOOD pictures!! Several of the bikers staged a smoky burn-out duel, and where there’s smoke, there’s fire, as per our friend Wild Bill and his flat-head Caddy powered Chevy LP gas pick-up, belching flames about 10 feet high!!!  I tell ya…the grounds around the Iron Horse were covered with roaring hot rods, rats and bikes. Plenty to eat and drink too!! A full day of pure fun. All winners received hand made trophies. They tell me that this was the last year for this particular event. You’ll have to contact Church of Chop to get the full details of this. I for  one, am sorry to see it go. We had a blast, thanks guys for a fabulous show!!!

Miserable & ValGal

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