Cochise’s Blue Plate Show by Valgal

What a GREAT DAY in Daytona! The weather was the best it has been in a while… Winter is coming !!!

Cochise Chop’s Magazine has been putting on his Blue Plate Special Show for a few years now and was determined to make it this year! Super glad I did!

Walking around and looking at the oldies, but goodies sure takes you back to the ‘good old days’ and you miss the simplicity of life in those days… But we take a deep breath and just tackle what life throws at us the best we can. As you will see in the photo’s, fun was had by all!…. 

Shovelheads were parked out front of the Famous Boot Hill Saloon and parking space filled up quickly. No bands to yell over, just great conversation with friends old and new… Big shout out to Orange John the awesome drag racer and all the friends from Pennsylvania… Enjoy the photos and please share our website to one and all!

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Love y’all, Valgal!

PS. We will do this every year now!