CREW JAM #26 by Miserable George

Man, it’s hard to believe that this year was #26 for this fabulous party!!

Held again at Kelly Park, just off the Beach Line (528), it was, again, a perfect spot for families to venture in and relax. Several big shade trees, and a nice pavilion offered some relief from the scorching sun, but, at least there was no rain. The Banana River offered some beautiful views of the Port area, and a ship or two…a beautiful panorama out over the water…I always loved this area. The food was fabulous and plentiful, with cold water and soft drinks. Entertainment was practically non-stop…the HOT bands kept everyone keyed up and eager to shake it a bit!!!!!

This is a gathering that I believe everyone looks forward to, I know I do. A perfect way to relax on a sunny, summer, afternoon!!

Thank you Nancie and crew, for your un-ending efforts to make this gig a success!!! Hope to see ya again…next year…!!!

Miserable George

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