CRITTER RUN 2019 by Miserable George

The weather forecast for Nov. 24, 2019, was not TOO favorable…at least not in the morning, however, after some early showers, the sky DID turn mostly blue, and, the run was on!! Most of the 131 sign-ins were at the last minute, but, we squeaked them in. Many brought pet food, and other necessities. There was cake and goodies  in the front office, and a lovely little lady-Mac- was out front selling T-shirts. We missed our Traffic Lady, Patches, this year…she was side-lined with some health issues, BUT, she promises to return next time!! The run ended at H&D Roadhouse on SR 520 on Merritt Island, where the staff had some very tasty food waiting, plus the usual array of cold stuff to wash the dust away…!!! All of the run winners donated their money winnings back to the Humane Society…very generous indeed…!! The live entertainment consisted of “Jam Bands”, which got the job done very nicely. There were several items up for auction as well, which brought in a tidy sum to aid the animals..!!! I’d say it was a very enjoyable day all around. Thanks to Harry, Debbie, and Tayla, and  the crew, and the Humane Society reps for a very pleasant day.

Thank a Vet today, and, God Bless America…!!

Miserable George & ValGal