LEGION POST 359…BIKE DAY by Miserable George

     Well, October 1,2022 is a date we’ll all remember….the day after IAN…!!!

This particular BIKE DAY was HUGE…tremendous crowd, all kinda celebrating the end of that miserable storm. I know you’ll all join me in prayers for the souls that didn’t make it. The band…”Roughouse” kept the crowd moving all day long.

While scanning the crowd, I met several people whom I hadn’t seen for 5 or 6 years…THAT was nice..!! Also, as I never made it to Leesburg Bikefest this past year, a rumor was started that I had passed away…WOW…I wasn’t too crazy to hear THAT one….!! Nope, old “Miserable George” is still around, trying to do his “thing” as always.

I must say too, that the crew at 359 had the place STANDING TALL…all systems were GO…!!! Food was good, drinks were cold, girls were gorgeous, parking lot was OK except for one small puddle…!! Don’t forget about the 359 Membership Drive and the several other activities that the Post sponsors…

Pray for our troops, and thank a VET today…

GOD bless you all………Miserable George


     I’ve known Doc for almost 30 years, and he celebrated his 70th. Birthday on Sept.10, 2022 with a super party at Legion Post 117 in Malabar. ValGal and I motored down in her Jeep…my first Jeep ride!!! OL’ Doc’s been a DJ for over 41 years, having had his start at a roller rink in Orlando. I had 2 favorite songs, which he always played when he spotted me in the crowd…! In my travels, I’ve seen many DJ’s, but folks…THIS man is NUMBER 1…!!! Nice crowd at Post 117 to help Doc celebrate.Good food, and, there was a “back-up” band too…”Unit Five”…good job guys. We hit some really nasty weather on the way home, but ValGal got us and the Jeep through it…no problems!!!

DOC…here’s to another 41 years…you da MAN…!!!!

Folks…thank a Vet today, and, GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

POST 359…BIKE DAY 9/3/2022 by Miserable George

     Bike Day on Sept.3,2022, at Post 359 was a blast, as usual!!! Nice crowd, good food, two working, full service bars out back on the huge patio area, and I guess, everybody on edge waiting for the big launch…..which never happened…!!! Yup…another scrub…!!! It’s anybody’s guess when that will finally happen..!! Music by the “Loaded Dice Band” kinda made us forget about the launch and the traffic out on US#1…good job guys!!! Several people got lucky winning some loot from 2 drawings, and by now, there were dancers on the floor. The fickle weather held, but it was HOT!!!! Yeah well, summer in Florida..!!  Folks, keep an eye out for these first Saturday Bike Days at 359….always a live band, good food and drink, friendly crowd…hey…what more do you need??? Hope to see everyone next time. Thank a VET today…

Miserable George & ValGal

Valgal Out & About

Well I had an absolute BLAST this past weekend out and about seeing all my friends!… It has been a long time but now with reliable wheels under me y’all will be seeing WAY more of me… So keep your eyes open, ya never know where I will pop up… 

This past weekend’s fun began with some friends riding to a beautiful spot on the river called Goodrich’s on Saturday… Great food and certainly a scenic ride if you take the ‘LONG’ way…Sunday was raising hell with Emily of Boozy Beans AND Tetra Horizon

 Spreading the joy… Went to Sully’s to enjoy some great Live music by Shovelhed and to support the benefit being held for baby Luci…

As always, be safe out there and ENJOY the Photos…



     Well, I guess it had to happen…the Unchained Kings MC out of Cocoa, Fl. have opened a new Chapter at 3308 S. Hopkins in Titusville, FL.

I got there just past 6PM on August 20, 2022, and things were just beginning to get started. Food was being BBQ’ed out front, and the cold stuff was available. Bikes were rolling in pretty steady…lots of new people…always nice to meet new riders…some new ladies too.

The main clubroom featured tables and chairs and a pool table….nice cool AC…and…by now…FOOD…!!!

The weather held…no rain this evening.

I wish the KINGS good luck with this added Chapter, and I  thank them for the hospitality…!

Miserable George

BIKE DAY AT LEGION POST 359 by Miserable George

August 6, 2022 was a HOT one…(again), but all that HEAT didn’t seem to bother the banner crowd that showed up at American Legion Post 359’s monthly BIKE DAY, at the clubhouse just north of Pinto’s on US#1 in Brevard County, Florida!!!! 

Those big fans out on the rear deck area were doin’ their job, for sure!!!  The live band, Loaded Dice, was crankin’ out some mean sounds, and it wasn’t long before the dance area was alive with folks shuffling about, despite the heat..!!!

The two full service bars were going…non stop…!!! The large parking area was just short of FULL with scooters, and as always, several local clubs were represented. The brand new exterior restrooms are finished too…AC…the whole deal..!! Hungry….??? Well, they took care of THAT too…dogs and burgers with all the trimmings…always GOOD and at a good price too. PLUS, there was a 50/50….just about everything to keep ya hopping all afternoon…!!!

The folks at 359 always make sure that YOU have a good time on Bike Day…the first Saturday of the month.

Hey, thank a Vet today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George and ValGal….Old School Biker Magazine…we love you all…!!!!

BIKE DAY AT 359 July 2, 2022 by Miserable George

Well, ValGal was under the weather this week-end, so the old man(me) covered Legion 359 Bike Day. I got there a bit early, so the crowd wasn’t too large as yet, also, the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating, but as time passed, they started rolling in. The live band….Sunrise Whiskey Band started playing, and that kinda got the crowd to stirring a bit!!! I had missed lunch, so, I indulged in the tasty food they had available. By now, the place was just about filled up, and, the weather was holding its own…good!!! I’d like to mention the new Restrooms outside that are now accessible, and 359 now has a membership drive in full swing. Folks, remember, the first Saturday of the month is BIKE DAY at Legion Post 359, on U.S.#1, just north of Pintos. Our thanks to 359 for jumping on our “bandwagon”, so, watch for their ad in future issues of Old School Biker Magazine. It’s THE place to be on the first Saturday…live music, two full service bars on the huge deck out back…lots of room for dancing…a place for FUN…!!! Hey, thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!!

Miserable George

PINTO’S 25th Anniversary Party by Valgal

PINTO’S 25th Anniversary Party on May 14th. certainly was a HUGE day for Cathy and her awesome place, Pinto’s Lounge on US#1, just north of Port St. John. Providing a fabulous place to party and maybe grab a snack for 25 years!

This party was boosted way up there by BIG DADDY’S Rock and Roll Band….my personal favorite. I mean, this outfit ROCKS…!!!

We also met a bunch of the “Old Gang” from years ago…sadly several of them are gone now, but we remembered them.

There was a big cake, and a bunch of creamy cup cakes which attracted A LOT of attention….!!!

Everyone had a blast.

Cathy, I wish you 25 more!!!!!


Miserable George’s Pics

Valgal’s Pix

20th Anniversary Brevard LawRide by Miserable George

The 20th Anniversary Brevard LawRide on May 4th was a big day in Brevard County, it was the day of the much anticipated LawRide, starting at the huge Law Museum on SR 405. At 10:30AM, over 400 bikes rumbled west on SR 405 to Singleton, and on over to Garden, over the big bridge and out to the Kennedy Space Center.

There was a launch scheduled for that day, so there were no stops at KSC. It was a straight thru shot back to the Museum area for lunch. Kind of a short run, but it was still a fun day….I enjoyed it with my daughter, ValGal.

Kudos to the Sheriff’s Dept. and their expert riders who made the ride a safe one..

Miserable George

Miserable George’s Pics

Valgal’s Pix

Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Bike Show 2022

     ValGal and I drove in the rain nearly all the way to Chopper Time at Willie’s on Thursday morning, March 10, 2022. When we pulled into the huge Publix parking lot, there were patches of blue sky showing, and the rain had stopped. It was the first time I had ever seen that big parking area….FULL UP…!!! 

Missed my friend, Jackman, he was not able to make it this time, so I went right to work…solo. Just after 1PM, the breeze turned cold, dark clouds formed up, and the rain returned…not heavy, but, things did NOT look good, so Val and I decided to call it a day…!!!

On our drive to Pappas Restaurant, the sky opened up…nasty…!! We had our traditional Bike Week supper, (Val treated), and headed for home in off and on showers all the way…!

But, it was a fun day…tremendous crowd at Willie’s, many good pictures!!! Ran into Billy Lane…that’s always nice!

Hey, see ya all next time…

Miserable & ValGal

Miserable George’s Pics