Steel City (Freemansburg) HIllclimb & Bike Show by Miserable George

Back about 1937, a bunch of biker guys started what is now Freemansburg HIll Climb and Bike Show.

We always just called it “the Hillclimb”…! Bushkill Valley MC started running it around 1951 at its present location across from the RR tracks at 2248 Riverside Dr., Bethlehem, Pa. It’s the old “back road to Easton”, as we called it.

My photo equipment was kinda limited in those days, but I did the best I could…no digital, of course!! I guess, it was more of a big beer and babe party in those days, and every June and September, we really looked forward to it…the “climb” and the after parties too!!

Google up “Freemansburg Hillclimb and Bike Show”…very interesting site. Wish we could still make it up there…

Miserable George

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