Harley Rendezvous Returns by Rick Kline

We all know what happened in 2020 and most of us want to forget it. After a pause in the action everyone that attended this event were wild with anticipation to ride through the gates of the Indian Lookout Country Club. It was time to let our hair down once again for the next 4 days. 

The event happens every weekend after Father’s Day and we can’t wait for the party to start. The vendors were all set up ready to serve the hungry bunch when they got there. It was the same lineup as previous years. The Bike Rodeo, Custom Street Bike contest, Antique Bike contest, the International Wet T-Shirt Contest and of course all the various bands that played all weekend long. You can buy a HRC beer mug and drink the whole weekend long for free. Just belly up to the bar and say, “Filler’ up my friend”. 

The Harley Rendezvous is one of the biggest bike events in the northeast where you can camp on private grounds on 177 acres. Just bring your tent, sleeping bag and maybe a buddy to keep you warm at night in the cool mountains of New York Mohawk Valley. The trick is when you arrive, unpack your ride and get your tent set up immediately. If you don’t, you’ll be sleeping on damn ground under the moonlit skies. Most people start to party and forget about their sleeping arrangements. I have almost always found too many bikers that partied all night and didn’t do what I explained. I know, I’ve been there. When the sun comes up drag yourself to a vendor and get

yourself a hot cup of Joe and breakfast burrito. Now you can start your day. The various events will keep you busy from sun up to sun down and then some. The bike rodeo is always a big event to follow in the afternoon. Anyone can enter to show off their bike riding skills and who knows, you might even win a trophy for your expertise. They also have a tattoo contest for men and women alike. The bands will rock you all through the night, if you can still stand up. Saturday night comes the Wet T contest which a favorite with all the men. The ladies can enter with ID to prove your are of age and then brought up on stage to show their “talents”. Hey, you might win some serious dollars in doing so. Saturday night after the contest brings a fireworks show second to none for your pleasure. 

All in all, if you can’t have a good time at this event, then shame on you. It’s something every biker should experience. If you would like to attend next years event, go to the website or for more information call 518-864-5659 or 518-864-5916. You’ll be glad you did. 

Rick Kline 

Staff Photographer

Harley Rendezvous Classic 2019 by Rick Kline

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Harley Rendezvous 2016

We arrived at Indian Lookout about 3 PM on Wed. ( Bikes only allowed in day) , set up camp in the Staff Area, got my Staff credentials taken care of, and decided to take a tour of the camp grounds. Lot’s of Harley’s and people everywhere , set up and waiting for their fellow campers to come in Thursday. Looking at different sites, it is simply amazing how much stuff a determined Harley rider can manage to load on their bikes !!!

Mannie’s Pics

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Thursday morning we awoke to the holding pen PACKED full, and Staff getting everyone in as fast as possible. By nightfall the grounds were really filling up, and there was still a steady stream of people coming in,which lasted into Friday, As always, Friday morning the full blown party started and lasted till late Sat. night !

Haze Rendezvous’ Pics

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With around 50 venders in the vendor area , there was a wide choice of things to purchase and eat. I heard a lot of chatter about how great the Blooming Onion stand and the Chicken BBQ stand were. Didn’t get to try either ,because the Staff meals this year were filling and fabulous.
We had a lot of great music, both on the Day and Main Stages.One of the performers you really need to catch on the Day Stage is Ron Jones, he’s been with us for years and get’s better every year.
Because of our hot beautiful days ( I’ll blame it on that lol ) , there was no lack of female flesh being shown, for everyone’s enjoyment !! Thank you ladies and thank you to the men, for the respect that they showed to the ladies !!

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Our International Contest was pretty good ( though we could use more contestants next year ), and for a nice reward if you win. This year’s cute young lady walked away with, a LOT of money ( half the 50 -50 sales) , which I believe was around $4,000 this year, Thanks to Lady Amazon for pushing the tickets. And congratulations to the pretty young lady that won !! After the International we had one of the best fireworks displays ever at the “Vous”.

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In closing , I liked to thank the Potter Family for the hard work they do, all year long, to make this event better for us. And to my very close friend, ” Kemp” , your dream is still alive and going strong man !!

Mannie “Lick-um” Liscum