(New Pictures!) HARRY’s BIRTHDAY….again…??? by Miserable George and ValGal

     January 6 & 7, 2017 was a pretty lively two days at the H&D Roadhouse…Merritt Island, FL.  It was owner Harry Vigliano”s 61st. Birthday, coupled with the annual MDA benefit drive.

Yeah man…two days of a packed house, and I DO mean packed!!

Not many riders, true, because of the cold front that whacked us on Friday evening, and lasted for almost 4 days, but, there were a few brave souls who DID ride…ladies too…!

The live band, BRINGDAROCK, hammered out the tunes for 2 days, there was free food, plus an auction, which featured a beautiful original painting…!!

MDA realized a nice piece of change, through the efforts of Harry, Deb, and the crew…PLUS…all the patrons who donated…thank you all…!!

ValGal and I had a ball…as usual…And, a very Happy Birthday to our friend…Harry…YOU DA MAN!!!!

Miserable George and ValGal

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Fun at H&D Roadhouse in Merritt Island, FL

Here are some pics of a few different days and nights at Harry’s H&D Roadhouse in Merritt Island, FL. Harry always has something going on and bikers are welcome every day. Stop in and meet Harry, he is almost always there! Tell him I recommended the “Harry Burger”! 

EVERY weekend there is something happening at H&D Roadhouse. Live Bands, Benefit Parties, Poker runs and FOOD!!!

Football season is here and Harry’s got the NFL TICKET- Home of the New England Patriots/New York Giants… So stop by and say Hi!

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