LEATHERNECKS MC-17th ANNUAL 2021 by Miserable George

     Well, I gotta say, the weatherman could NOT have been more generous to the Leathernecks MC on Oct. 2, 2021….the weather was PERFECT…maybe a tad warm. A banner crowd piled into the grounds on Forrest Ave. in Cocoa, Fl., ready for a full day of plain old FUN, and, that’s what they got!! The red-hot band, TMI belted out an afternoon of fabulous sounds, the food was hot and ready, and the Bike-wash babes….well, they were hot too and busy all day. There was a 50/50(which was donated back), and a drawing for some weaponry, plus some surprise baskets. Lots of old friends there as well as several new ones that I had the pleasure of meeting, also several local MC clubs were represented. I’d say that the Leathernecks 17th. Annual was a huge success!!!


Miserable George


     What can we say about the weather…hey, it’s FLORIDA…! One minute, the sky is clear…next minute…it’s pouring!! That just about summed up the day…Oct. 10, 2020. But, I’d say we had mostly “not raining”…! The Spacecoast Leathernecks 16th. Annual can be termed a huge success..!! Many of the riders DID run through showers to get to the party…rain will NOT deter real bikers as was proven Oct. 10th. The fabulous band, “Twisted Minds, Inc.” rocked the place all day, stirring up some neat dancing performances among the girls, (and guys too)…!! On the west side, Elle and Kelly, the Bike Wash Girls, were busy all day long, as was Elisha, who was hawking tickets for gift baskets and(I believe) a 50/50 drawing later in the day. Inside, there were scads of good food and drink, as well as a massage person, AND, the AC was blasting too…nice!! Quite a few clubs were represented, I won’t try to name them, ‘cause I’d probably forget 1 or 2, and that’s not good. There were large canopies outside for rain and sun protection, and lots of places to sit. Hey, these guys have their act together!! All in all, a very enjoyable day. My thanks to the whole crew for a job well done…(as always)…!!! Looking forward to their NEXT event…

Miserable George & ValGal


LEATHERNECKS MC 2019 by Miserable George

We had just gotten wind of this event about a week ago, and,

knowing of the Leathernecks MC’s reputation of throwing a GOOD party….well we checked it out, and certainly were NOT disappointed…!

As always, the food and liquids were top notch, along with a new pop-corn machine, and of course…the infamous BIKE-WASH GIRLS!!!! Elle and Elisha were busy all during the party time…hey, I even had MY HEMI washed…! Folks, when you hear of a Leatherneck’s gig…make sure you don’t miss it….these men are primo!!!  Thanks for your hospitality, Leathernecks, and let us know when the next event comes up. Ride safe everyone, and stand up for your country…

Miserable George

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