Leatherneck’s Annual Party by Miserable George

The weather on October 26, 2019, went from good, to bad, to worse, to thunderstorm, then, around 4PM, the clouds seemed to be breaking slightly, and I decided to boogie down to the Leatherneck’s CH on Forrest Ave. Well, the party was going, full swing…!!! The skies were actually clearing, the band, “Shovelhed” was playing, the ribs were on the BBQ…things looked good, and, they got better…no more rain all night long!!!The beautiful Elisha was washing bikes, and was busy all night long!!! There were games, drawings, etc…the usual…and the food was fantastic and yes…I did eat too much…couldn’t stop…those ribs were about the best I ever ate!! Pumpkin pie too, in keeping with the season!! As always, friendly Brothers, pretty girls, music, good food…the make-up of a damn good party…the Leatherneck’s had it all. Thank you Brothers for your hospitality…looking forward to the NEXT one!!!

Hey, stand up for your country, and, thank a vet today…without THEM, there would be no parties!!

GOD bless you all…

Miserable George


Although there was a prediction of some rain in the area, the Space Coast ANNUAL  Leathernecks MC party stayed high and dry!!!  

From 3PM on, on May 20th., 2017, the Forrest Ave location in Cocoa, FL was buzzing…

good crowd, the band-”Worthington”-lots of food and drink, bike wash babes, and this year, a certified HD mechanic, just in case someone had problems, OR, for an oil change…etc!!!

Also, a 50/50, plus a gun raffle!! Speaking of food…they had some of the BEST beef I ever ate…kudos to THAT cook!!!!

We ran into some long lost friends too, as we usually do at these events…!!

I believe the Leathernecks have another event coming up later on this season….watch for it…!!

We’d like to thank the crew for their hospitality, as well as the veterans for their service!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

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Leathernecks MC “FUCK RADICAL ISLAM” Party + May 28, 2016 Party by Miserable George

“Plenty of true brotherhood abounded there that day among the several clubs in attendance” 

After several years of bad weather for this event, we finally copped a beautiful day at the Leatherneck’s CH on May 28, 2016, on Forrest Ave., in Cocoa, FL. As always, the guys went overboard for OSB Magazine…as well as good food and music all day long. PLUS, two gorgeous bikini bike wash girls…Becca, and Elle…more than just pretty faces…they worked hard all day!!  

Plenty of true brotherhood abounded there that day among the several clubs in attendance. I for one, am looking forward to their next event. Ride safe guys…thank you all for your service.

Miserable George

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