POST 359…BIKE DAY by Miserable George

I sort of figured that the Bike Day crowd at 359 would be smaller because of the opening of Bike Week in Daytona. BUT, I was wrong…! The 359 crowd was right up there as usual. The live band, “Loaded Dice” presented an out-standing performance all afternoon, and the “chief cook” presented a fabulous meal, complete with corn on the cob!!!  Now, you all know that I no longer drink, however in the “old days” I DID spend some time at various bars…seen a lot of bar tenders, but folks, little Shelly behind the big bar has got them ALL beat…! That little lady is a WHIZZZZ…!!! The weather was fantastic all day long, which certainly helped to produce the crowd that attended..!!! The 50/50 winner donated $100 back to the organization…good man…!!! It was at that point that this old boy decided to head for home. ValGal was in Daytona doing her thing, so she missed a good gathering at 359.

Hey, remember our troops and all our departed friends.

Miserable George

LEGION POST 359…BIKE DAY by Miserable George

     Well, October 1,2022 is a date we’ll all remember….the day after IAN…!!!

This particular BIKE DAY was HUGE…tremendous crowd, all kinda celebrating the end of that miserable storm. I know you’ll all join me in prayers for the souls that didn’t make it. The band…”Roughouse” kept the crowd moving all day long.

While scanning the crowd, I met several people whom I hadn’t seen for 5 or 6 years…THAT was nice..!! Also, as I never made it to Leesburg Bikefest this past year, a rumor was started that I had passed away…WOW…I wasn’t too crazy to hear THAT one….!! Nope, old “Miserable George” is still around, trying to do his “thing” as always.

I must say too, that the crew at 359 had the place STANDING TALL…all systems were GO…!!! Food was good, drinks were cold, girls were gorgeous, parking lot was OK except for one small puddle…!! Don’t forget about the 359 Membership Drive and the several other activities that the Post sponsors…

Pray for our troops, and thank a VET today…

GOD bless you all………Miserable George