Vintage 70’s Moto-Guzzi Club Rally by Miserable George

When I lived up north, I belonged to Keystone Motorcycle Club, in Emmaus, Pa., and from 1972-1980 we held a Moto-Guzzi Owner’s Rally on our grounds. It started out a bit slow, but as the years passed, it grew to a pretty good size…

riders came in from all over the country…it got BIG.

But, as usually happens, copy-cat rallies sprang up all over the USA, and eventually, we gave it up…too many rallies…not enough riders, as it were. Anyway, it was fun, while it lasted. We had a full kitchen, went on local tours, had biker games, lots of room for camping, live entertainment…all the makings of a fun week-end.

We even rigged up an outside shower, with a gravity fed hot water tank, and our own make-shift water heater…BUT, it worked…! I’m hoping someone who was there back then, will stumble across this article, and maybe realize some happy memories. I know, WE had a blast sponsoring the event…!  ValGal was just a kid back then, but even SHE was in on it…! We’re hoping to get some feedback on this one…Hey, ride safe…

Miserable George