Twisted Minds, Inc. and Me by Valgal

Very few people know where/how my obsession with TMI started … Well it has been almost 5 years now since my head snapped up and I took notice. 

I made a flier YEARS ago for an event a friend put on called Crew Jam, well Nancie had Twisted Minds playing as one of the bands but I didn’t really care too much about music back then cuz I just had started our magazine.

This brings us to the vibrancy that was Jay Grose… As you all know I leave events a bit early. This is because I NEED to go… For ME.

 Well one day I was leaving a venue, I believe it was Moe’s, and Jay asked me to wait and listen to his friends play, it was TMI… Little did I know how much this day would change my life and the way I look at the music community today. They had me hooked!

WE FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS! This band, called Twisted Minds,Inc. Helped me get thru one of the saddest times of my life. We are so grateful to have them and all the friends we have made because of them. You can go see them and just BE. Jay tried to give me the ability to hear the music the way he did.(Not exactly)

Jasper, and the men from TMI, you will ALWAYS mean more to me than you will ever know…

OK… I have been hoarding A LOT OF PHOTOS over the last few years so here are some of the BEST OF THE BEST of TMI… Thank you for being there!


P.S There will be photos of current and past members…

21st. Annual Brevard Law Ride by Miserable George

……I’d say that the weather could not have been any better for the big Brevard Law Ride on Sat. May 13, 2023.

ValGal and I left just ahead of the main group and got a spot on 5A to shoot the column of over 488 bikes. We were able to slip into the column and join them all the way back to the Hall of Fame area where lunch was being served. Sorry, there was no stop at the VAB this year.

Thanks to all the Police Agencies that assisted on the run.

By now, mid-day heat was making itself known, so we hit the road to find some welcome AC. It was a very enjoyable day all around.

Hey, thank a VET today, and GOD bless you all….

Miserable George & ValGal

MOVING  WALL…2023 by Miserable George

     Rain or no rain…?? THAT was the big question for this year’s Moving Wall event at Wickham Park in Brevard County, Melbourne, Fl. ValGal and I got there around 11AM on Sat. May 6,2023. Activity around the Wall itself, was quite brisk, however, the crowd over near the stage seemed a bit smaller than other years . Doc Holiday was on stage doing his thing…the vendors were all set up…there were two helicopters over in the landing field; they attracted quite a few spectators. I believe it was the somewhat threatening weather that cut the crowd down a bit this year. There was dark sky in the area, however, no rain fell in the park area itself. ValGal found me just finishing a good meal, and said “it was time to go”…We watched the choppers depart, then we did too…!

There were  quite a few VietNam Vets in attendance…GOD BLESS ‘em all.

Hey…thank a VET today…OK…?

Miserable George & ValGal

Vietnam Vets Moving Wall 2023 by Valgal

Hello Everyone! What a weekend we had in Brevard County! The bad storms came to an end on Sunday JUST in time for the Vietnam Vets Moving Wall Escort… This day was special to me because I got to drive down to Wickham Park IN THE Escort line for the first time!! Besides the motorcycles there were the Corvette Clubs and the JEEPS! I was honored to ride thru the streets and have people wave… Such a different perspective.

 Thank you to all the Law enforcement officers that worked so hard to keep us safe all the way down! THANK YOU! God Bless!

Met up with friends and chatted about the hail that fell 2 days in a row this weekend… Hope everyone made it thru with minimal damage… 

We will be back to the Wall festivities this week and we hope to see y’all supporting

 the people who made freedom possible… Our Veterans!

Enjoy. Valgal

PINT & PISTOL CAR SHOW by Miserable George

     The weather was perfect for the first Pint & Pistol car show, which turned out to be HUGE, as was the crowd..!! ValGal and I were lucky to get a parking spot…!!  They had everything from the oldest Model T’s to the sleekest Corvettes, also one of the newest military combat trucks. There were several one-of-a-kind factory creations as well. The dining area was open, so we took advantage of THAT…!! Thanks to KZ Dave who treated us to lunch. I was really surprised to see the number of cars that they had…!! I’ll be watching for this event next time out!!!! Very interesting and exciting as well. Hey, thank a VET today…see ya’ll next time…

Miserable George

Green Gables Antique Bike Show 2023 by Valgal

It was a beautiful day to gather friends and take a ride… So, off to Melbourne we went… Riding their bikes, along with me in the OSB Jeep, was Pete from the local band Mid Life Crisis… He plays the bass!  Next we had our friend Rowdy too… We walked around looking at all the beautiful bikes there… The weather was on the warm side but it will get worse and it was nothing a little ice cream couldn’t fix (thanks Pete) so we were happy!

Please ENJOY the photos and if you need an OSB t-shirt hit me up out there if you see me… New things are evolving so keep your eyes on us!



BIKE DAY AT POST 359 by Miserable George

     The weather being what it was on April 1, 2023…Bike-Day at Legion post 359, really drew in a CROWD…!!! We ran into quite a few old friends. The live band, Radar Red had the crowd jumpin’, and as usual, a long line at the food table…today a special….fresh corn on the cob. THAT really went over BIG…!!! Today must have been “Dog Day”….lots of pups in attendance with their masters and mistresses….more than I had seen before. Of course, THAT had ValGal all excited…she LOVES doggies…!!

Truly, another fun day at 359…the weather was PERFECT, with a cool breeze wafting through the area all day long Folks, thank a Vet today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George and ValGal


     ValGal and myself drifted into Willie’s right on time this year, and because it being Bike Week…the place was MOBBED. We were lucky to get a parking spot in the big Publix lot. As always, the bikes were jammed in tight in the front lot, along with a host of gorgeous babes. We did our best to get decent photos of BOTH!!! In the rear, Big Rick and the Troublemakers were blasting away to a nice large sitting audience…always liked that band…!!! I was getting a bit hungry, but I simply COULD NOT find a taco stand…anywhere!!! I didn’t make my annual trek up the hill this year…gettin’ too old for THAT. Always got a hot dog from the ladies at the Old Folks Home up at the top. I finally sat down under a big shade tree near-by, and almost dozed off….Val woke me up with a phone call…!!! Time for the bike judging. My thanks to Lulu from Thunder Roads Magazine for giving up her seat to me so I could get some decent pics of the bike winners…Lulu…yer a DOLL!!! After the judging, it was off to Pappas restaurant for a fabulous meal (as always), and then…HOME!!!

Hey, thank a VET today, ride safe, and respect your ELDERS!!!!’

Miserable George & ValGal

CABBAGE PATCH…BIKE WEEK-2023 by Miserable George

        ValGal and I rolled into the Cabbage Patch on Wed. March 8 , and as usual…we were a bit early…OR…was the Cabbage Patch a little late. Either way, we had time to kill before the wrestling started. I did my usual walk-around inside the big field and had the pleasure of meeting some really nice folks from all over the country. They finally brought the cabbage shredder in, got THAT done, and rounded up a bunch of lady “wrestlers”….the show began!!!!!!!I never did get the winners’  name. Old friend, MC Radical Randy gave me a very nice introduction…thanks Randy…!!! We gave the grounds the “once-over”, and by now, this OLD MAN was ready to hit the road for home. It was a fun filled day for sure!!! Had to save energy for Willie’s the following day!!!!

Hey, thank a VET today…ride carefully…

Miserable George & ValGal

POST 359…BIKE DAY by Miserable George

I sort of figured that the Bike Day crowd at 359 would be smaller because of the opening of Bike Week in Daytona. BUT, I was wrong…! The 359 crowd was right up there as usual. The live band, “Loaded Dice” presented an out-standing performance all afternoon, and the “chief cook” presented a fabulous meal, complete with corn on the cob!!!  Now, you all know that I no longer drink, however in the “old days” I DID spend some time at various bars…seen a lot of bar tenders, but folks, little Shelly behind the big bar has got them ALL beat…! That little lady is a WHIZZZZ…!!! The weather was fantastic all day long, which certainly helped to produce the crowd that attended..!!! The 50/50 winner donated $100 back to the organization…good man…!!! It was at that point that this old boy decided to head for home. ValGal was in Daytona doing her thing, so she missed a good gathering at 359.

Hey, remember our troops and all our departed friends.

Miserable George