Party At The Wrecking Crew by Miserable George

Saturday, May 12, 2018, started out really murky…thick clouds, and, an occasional spritz. It signaled a possible washout of the Wrecking Crew Party at their new clubhouse in Palm Bay. However, as luck would have it…the bad stuff never really happened…just clouds and a few random drops!!! We rolled in a bit after 2PM, and a decent crowd was already forming.

The One-Man-Entertainment, Frankie Lessard, was doing his thing, the cooking duo, Animals Gone Wild, had their grills and burners going full blast, and, the girls had their various vendor tables all set up…even the Boss’ lady was hawking Jello shots!!! Later, there was a door prize awarding, an auction, 50/50, and of course…the FOOD!!! I even got a nice hunk of local venison!!!

Inside, Tasha and Lara kept the cold ones coming!! Hey, we gotta thank Bonez, Shawn, and all the Wrecking Crew Bros, plus the girls: Carmen, Rachel, Hannah, Sarah, Marlene, Andrea, Daf, Sabrina, Toni, and Wendy for posing for this pesty photag…girls, yer all gorgeous!!! Hope I didn’t miss anyone!! It was a FUN DAY all around!!

Hey, ride safe, and, stand up for your country…!! See ya all at the MOB on the 19th….

Miserable George

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