Remembering Pearl Harbor at Post 359 by Miserable George

I was just 7 years old when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and I just can’t seem to actually remember any of it. 78 years later…today, Dec. 7, 2019, we all remembered at Post 359’s Bike Day. Of course, the younger folks didn’t recall that horrible day in our history, but, there were a few older ones there who did. There was a moment of silence to commemorate that “Day in Infamy”…The large crowd also witnessed  the presenting of a $1000 check to aid the Vietnam and all Wars Vets Moving Wall Association, by the Nam Knights MC, Brevard County Chapter, plus short talks by Veterans Assn. officials. This was a day dedicated to Veterans…as well it should be!! As always, good food and drinks were available, a 50/50, and the live band, “Mid-life Crisis” supplied excellent entertainment. As always, lots of pretty ladies prancing around…a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon…!!

Hey, stand up for your country, thank a Vet, and God Bless America…!!

Miserable George & ValGal