POST 359 Halloween Party 2022 by Miserable George

     I believe a brief shower just before opening time of the Halloween Party at Post 359, MIGHT have “scared” some folks away…!!! We got there about 7PM, Oct. 29, 2022, and before it got too crowded, grabbed us some of that fabulous food inside..!! It wasn’t too long before the folks in costume began to arrive…the skies had cleared, and it looked like some perfect “party weather”…! Before you could say “BOOO”, the rear patio was crowded with ghosts, goblins, witches, and other assorted scary (I think) humans…!!!  Shelly, behind the patio bar, was now VERY BUSY, and she had a BIG smile for everyone!!! AND, the band….BIG DADDY was really “smokin’ ‘em” with some fabulous Halloween Rock & Roll…the dancing area was jammed all evening!!!! Well, by and by, it was time for the costume judging. Val, the WW2 WAC was the winner, followed by “The Hunchback” and “The HIppie”. Folks, I’m an old man, and my “Halloween Days” are pretty well over, but, I really enjoyed this gathering. You can count on ol’ 359 to hit the jackpot!!!

Hey, thank a VET today and be careful out there…GOD BLESS you all…

Miserable George( with some help from ValGal at OSB Magazine)