PULSATING PAULA by Miserable George

 The Biker World has lost one of the BEST….Pulsating Paula has crossed over to Paradise.

She was the Mistress of Black & White photography…she had a very special way of capturing bikers on B&W film

and indeed color as well, but, B&W was her forte.

I met her back in the 70’s at the Hillclimb in Freemansburg, PA. We bumped into each other at Bike Week in Daytona, at the Reading MC Bash, and of course, at the Vous in upstate NY. Not only was she a fantastic photographer, but, she was quite a model too.

We will miss her…her smile, her work, and her out-going pleasing personality…she was the BEST!!!

Rest in Peace my friend….

Miserable George

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PULSATING PAULA by Miserable George

    There are a lot of biker events’ photographers out there…I fancy myself as (a half-assed) one of them…true, most of them are male. However, there are a select few females in the trade as well…one of the most outstanding being a lady known as PULSATING PAULA!

She started ‘way back in 1982, a few years before I jumped in!! If you have read any of the leading biker rags out there, I’m sure you are familiar with her (excellent) work, some of which is pictured here…other shots of her, were taken by myself, and, friends of hers.

She was, and still is, an expert in black & white photography, as well as digital enhancement, as several of the photos show!! Paula…keep up the good work…we need images like yours, ALWAYS…!!! You tell it like it is…God Bless You, keep that shutter clickin’….

Miserable George