Nostalgia at the Redfish Inn 2004 Flashback by Miserable George

This place has had many names down through the years,

and back in 2004, it was the Redfish Inn, and, a very popular watering hole on U.S.#1 in Cocoa, Fl, near the flea market. It seems that there was always something interesting going on…from spaghetti wrestling, to a mini-concert by Big Mike Griffin, and TV’s “good ol’ boy”…Mickey Jones.

The weather was as variable as the entertainment…beautiful for awhile, then, a whopper blowing in off the Space Center!! But, one thing you could always count on, was a banner crowd, to partake of the entertainment, the pretty girls, and the good food!!

The place still boasts all these things today, but, with a different name…”The Oyster Bar”…on U.S.#1, just north of Cocoa, Fl. Tell ‘em Old School Biker” sent ya…OK?

Miserable George