Sunday, Aug. 6th., was another blistering , hot, Florida summer day….I mean…it was HOTTT, but, ValGal and I braved the heat, and boogied down to Palm Shores Customs for a gathering of the Rocket Coast Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America.

As always, there was a pretty nice crowd, despite the awful heat…we even noticed a few bikes there that we hadn’t seen before. Palm Shores Customs had their shop open, and, inside was a huge electric fan, which did a pretty good job of cooling people off. Also, they had a few of their own customs on display…all of antique status…nice!!

We admired a 1952 Indian there, which we will try to feature later in OSB Magazine!  

If you enjoyed adult beverages, the Cabana Shores Restaurant was close by and serving some pretty yummy looking food too. THAT was a big attraction!!! Also admired 2 1958 Chevy BelAires parked in the area…nice cars!! I’m told that their next gathering MIGHT be in the Cocoa-Merritt Island area…so, stay tuned…! Interested in joining…? Call 321-543-8944, OR get ‘em on line at…Maybe when they get up to our area, it will have cooled down a bit!!! Hey, ride safe…

Miserable & ValGal…