ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2021 by Miserable George

Well, if you arrived at RCC on Thursday, you know what I’m about to tell you!!! My friends, Jay, and Donny and I met up at Lone Cabbage and proceeded on to Roscoe’s on Nov. 4th. We were greeted warmly at the gate, and got our same camping spot as last year. I got a bunch of pictures, we ate, and hit the sack. About 11PM, the rains came and never stopped until Saturday morning…!!! The tent I was using became water logged…dripping all night long. I was lucky that my cot was in a spot that didn’t get dripped on…!!! Everything else…DID get dripped on, my clothes, my suitcase, my shoes…..everything…soaked…!!! OK, the deluge finally stopped on Sat. morning, as I said, and the program proceeded somewhat normally…the sun actually came out…!!! The chili cookers were cooking, the biker games proceeded as usual, and in no time, it was time to eat chili. The grounds were muddy, and flooded in spots, but things seemed to move along pretty well. Straw was laid down in the worst spots…that helped!! About 2PM, I started to get very tired…Jay and Donny had left, and I decided I better leave too. I missed several good events, but it couldn’t be helped…I was just too tired to push on. I wanna thank Roscoe and the whole crew for their warm hospitality…hey, we tried..!!!

Miserable George