Roscoe’s Chili Challenge…2022 by Miserable George

     Jay, Don, and I hooked up out at Lone Cabbage as usual for our shot to RCC on Nov. 3, 2022. Jay acted as Road Captain, and did a fabulous job of getting us through the traffic mess on the 417, and onto  I.4, which now was little more than a cake walk!!! We jumped off at Kathleen Rd…did our usual shopping at the Publix, and made the final run to Roscoe’s.There was somewhat of a crowd there already, but we had no problem getting our same spot as last year. I had a new tent, which turned out PERFECT!!! Soon after we had set up, a shower passed through…the only rain for the weekend which turned out WEATHER-PERFECT. Lots of vendors there for gadgets and grub, and as expected, the little darlings were starting to shed some of their clothing…!!! My cameras were starting to work over-time!!! Friday evening there was a welcoming ceremony with a salute to all veterans by the unfurling of a huge American Flag. The Body Painting area was going full blast, as was the beer bar near-by. Something new this year…a hypnotist…set up in the chili area, drew a crowd. Several good bands for the remainder of Friday. Saturday was biker games…out-house races, slow race, weenie bite, and a few burn-outs…too much smoke for me!!!! Now, it was chili eating time…man, it was ALL fabulous…!! Being the “old man” that I am, I had to rest at our camp site, and missed several events…sorry..! There were custom bikes under the big tent too. All in all, a very pleasurable weekend.

Our thanks to Roscoe, his son, and the whole crew for a job well done. All the winners were rewarded with trophies and/or cash…!

Hope to see you all next year…..Miserable George