POST 359…Tiki Party

   Feb. 3rd. Was kinda “iffy” as far as the weather went, but, that didn’t stop a large gathering of riders and other friends from whooping it up at the first week-end Tiki Party at Legion Post 359, just north of Port St. John, FL. This particular day was extra exciting, as there was a drawing for a 55” TV!! The live band-”HIT ‘N RUN”- was a factor in the crowded dance area!!! Good show, guys!! My favorite cook was there too, making some of the best burgers in Brevard County!! The Tiki Bar out back was bustling, as usual…was it the drinks, or the cute bar-maid…maybe, BOTH!!! Anyway, this is a place where friends and “old soldiers” gather every first week-end of the month, to enjoy adult beverages, dance, and simply have a good time!! Keep it in mind for next month…OK? As always, ride safe, and as I said before….”Stand up for your country!!”

Miserable George

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