Don Becker’s Top Fuel Dragster by Miserable George and ValGal

I’ve always been infatuated with TOP FUEL ANYTHING!!!!!

So, we jumped at the chance to shoot this monster machine, which we first got acquainted with during Bike Week at Daytona this year.

It’s 16 feet long, powered by a hand-built 1000HP, 97% nitro burning, 186 CID Super Motor!!! The whole machine weighs in at 1000 pounds!!! An M/T Racemaster super-wide slick transfers that 1000HP to the track, and a modified set of Buell and Performance Machine brakes, along with a drag-chute, helps to slow the monster to a safe stop.

The machine has not yet been timed, but, when it is…OSB hopes to be there to document the whole event…maybe at Orlando Speed-World…!!

We’d like to thank Don Becker for allowing us into his private shop to get the photos, and to the lovely Lauren for gracing the bike with her tall, slender, gorgeous body…You’ll be hearing more about this machine soon…

See more of Lauren HERE

See Don’s street bike HERE

Miserable George & ValGal…
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