Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Choppertime Bike Show 2021 by Valgal

Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Choppertime Bike Show 2021 was AGAIN the BEST BIKE SHOW EVER!  PACKED for the 80th year of bike week, this show remains the BEST event of the year, EVERY year…

It was very crowded walking around the show so I took a walk around the outside of the show… WOW! The bikes parking up in the back were awesome!… The pictures will tell my story as always…

I love seeing my friends at these events… They get to see what I do… Jasper from Twisted Minds Inc. out of Brevard Co. Florida showed up at the show and met James from SlipKnot!  Keep your eyes (and ears) open for Twisted Minds Inc. (TMI)! Come see them, it is worth the trip! Face Melting Rock & Roll baby!!!  I also saw Billy Lane too, but he slipped away without a picture…LOL 

I hope you all enjoy my POV of Willie’s… I love y’all and will see you soon! 


**New Pics** TROPICAL TATTOO CHOPPER SHOW by Miserable George and ValGal

I’ve been attending this event for a good many years now, Biketoberfest, and Bike Week both, and the weather usually varies somewhere between hot and cold, BUT, this year for Biketoberfest, 2018, I think we broke a heat record…!! I mean, it was down-right UNBEARABLE. Even in the limited shady area…it was HOTTTT…!!

Even in the un-GODLY heat, the crowd was pretty nice for Biketoberfest…down a bit (of course) from regular Bike Week, but,

there was no shortage of beautiful, hand built, custom machines.

Ah, and of course, there were BABES!!! Maybe, THEY brought in SOME of that heat.

Big Rick, and the Troublemakers provided the swingin’ sounds, beer and hard iced tea stands (I guess), helped to quench at least a little bit of the thirst.

Gotta thank Wild Bill for a ride in his one-of-a-kind ‘40 Caddy Rat Rod…natural AC…(no windshield!!) I tell ya, we stuck it out as long as we could…got pics of the winners, but, not of the trophy presentations…sorry…just too HOT for this old boy.

Our thanks to Willie, and Roadside Marty for their usual fabulous event.

Hey, remember our VETS, and stand up for your country….

Miserable George & ValGal

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Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Bike Show Biketoberfest 2015 by ValGal and Miserable George

Ya know, there are rumors floating around that the 2015 Biketoberfest Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Ol’ School Chopper Show, may very well be the final one for Biketoberfest’s to come.

Never fear…regular Bike Week, it will still go on. We talked to Willie about this, and he’s still not 100% sure of what he’s gonna do. Well, if this year’s show was the last for Biketoberfest…I went out with a BANG…! Many, many eye catching, hand built, one-of-a-kind machines, graced the big lot out front, many of them sometimes decorated by a beautiful lady…!!

Oh yes…there were lots of eye catching babes there too…most of them willing to pose for a few pics, IF ya didn’t get too pesty.

A real treat again this year, was the presence of ace bike builder, Dave Perewitz, who also provided hand made trophies for some of the various winners.  Our friend, ROGUE…(check spelling), was on the grounds too, as was the legendary Billy Lane…lookin’ good, BIlly..!!

And, as always, the inimitable Roadside Marty did his fabulous job as MC, as only HE can do it…Lots of older Vets there enjoying the action too…always glad to see those men out and about. Let’s NEVER forget those men and what they sacrificed for our security.

Big thanks too, to Big Rick and the Troublemakers Band…always nice to talk with Rick…Good job, guys. That’s it for now…til Bike Week, 2016…ride safe…

Miserable George

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