Twisted Minds, Inc. and Me by Valgal

Very few people know where/how my obsession with TMI started … Well it has been almost 5 years now since my head snapped up and I took notice. 

I made a flier YEARS ago for an event a friend put on called Crew Jam, well Nancie had Twisted Minds playing as one of the bands but I didn’t really care too much about music back then cuz I just had started our magazine.

This brings us to the vibrancy that was Jay Grose… As you all know I leave events a bit early. This is because I NEED to go… For ME.

 Well one day I was leaving a venue, I believe it was Moe’s, and Jay asked me to wait and listen to his friends play, it was TMI… Little did I know how much this day would change my life and the way I look at the music community today. They had me hooked!

WE FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS! This band, called Twisted Minds,Inc. Helped me get thru one of the saddest times of my life. We are so grateful to have them and all the friends we have made because of them. You can go see them and just BE. Jay tried to give me the ability to hear the music the way he did.(Not exactly)

Jasper, and the men from TMI, you will ALWAYS mean more to me than you will ever know…

OK… I have been hoarding A LOT OF PHOTOS over the last few years so here are some of the BEST OF THE BEST of TMI… Thank you for being there!


P.S There will be photos of current and past members…