US Military Vets 17th Annual by Valgal

What a great day this was… Hot as hell but the rain at least held off until it was over… After being stuck inside for MONTHS this event was a blessing for us bikers that have been cooped up for way too long… We got to see friends and celebrate and support an awesome group of gentlemen!!!

The band, Twisted Minds, Inc. was melting faces as only they can do! They kept us all singing along and dancing our butts off…

Meesh, Thank you for taking those pictures while I let off some stream… 

Thank you Jasper and all the band for making this an unforgettable day! I love you all so much!…WE ALL MISSED YOU!!! 

I am not sure where the pork bbq came from but it was the best I’ve had in a long time…

I even won a raffle prize! A beautiful wood carving plaque made by Tank aka Keith Salay, Sr. 

 Thank you to everyone for making this day a success…


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