BIKE DAY 1/7/2023 at American Legion POST 359 by Miserable George

     Well…wouldn’t ya know it…another cold snap…!!! This one was mild compared to Christmas, and the crowd DID turn out at Legion Post 359 on Jan. 7th, 2023…! It warmed up pretty nice, and as I said….there was quite a bit of action on that huge patio out back. The Whiskey JuJu Band stirred the crowd up real well…lots of dancers out there in no time. Again, some good food if you were hungry…I WAS…so, I indulged. Both bars were “manned” by some gorgeous bar-maids…my friend Sarah Williams was handling the action at the Riders Roost….!!! Ran into a few old friends as well. All in all, a good day to be outside, mingling with the riders….looking forward to the next get-together.

Hey…thank a VET today,  be safe, and ValGal and I will catch ya’ll later…

Miserable George and ValGal…..


     In our area, Rusty is a pretty popular guy, and I was lucky enough to get an invitation to his birthday celebration held at Legion Post 359 on Dec.10, 2022. His actual birthday is Dec. 25, but for obvious reasons, he chose the 10th. to do his celebrating. He had a top notch band…Sease Fire…they put the crowd in a dancing mood for sure!!! Weather was clear and a bit cool, but that did little to slow this crowd down. Later in the evening, we all shared 10 pizzas. I’m not really sure how old Rusty is, but we wish him all the best…!

Miserable George and ValGal

CFEC Toy Run by Valgal & Miserable George

The weather was perfect for this year’s toy run… Thank you to all the vendors that came to support… Shovelhed THANK YOU! Y’all played great music for the riders that came to give presents to the needy children of Brevard County… But can I stir up some issues? 


*NEVER has anyone had an event the same day as the Brevard County Toy Run! (Why would they compete against children in need you ask?)

*No Pre-event meet up…Like the mall! We can still meet up!

NO SUPPORT! WHY? There are still CHILDREN IN NEED in Brevard County! I had fun at this year’s event but… It needs some TLC…

I did not put this out there to berate anyone… they did a great job, but more needs to be done to attract people… The amount of children needing help this Holiday is more than ever! WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER FOR THEM!… We will advertise this event for FREE next year. (No one ever asked!)

Until then, thank a veteran and have a great Christmas!


Brevard County Critter Run…2022 by Miserable George

     ValGal and I rolled into the Brevard Humane Society grounds about 10:30AM, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022, under somewhat threatening skies. Several groups and some lone riders made up a bunch of 36 riders total for the run. I had often wondered how long the animals were kept at the shelter, and they told me the animals moved out quite quickly. I was glad to hear that!!! The run ended at H&D Roadhouse on Merritt Island, where for a few bucks, you could get yourself a nice meal, which I took advantage of for sure!! Just before the end of the run, a mini monsoon rolled through, soaking many of the riders just before they reached safe haven at H&D…!!! One rider seemed pretty dry…he said when he saw the cloud build-up, he ran his bike home and got the 4-wheeler to finish the run…high and dry. I did THAT once myself. By and by, all the riders arrived safe and sound…prizes were awarded, with many being donated back to the Society…!! Luckily for the riders, the rain stopped. Me being the old guy that I am, was getting pretty tired, so I headed home. It was a fun day.

Hey, thank a VET today, ride safe…

Miserable George & ValGal

CHARLES “SMITTY” SMITH by Miserable George

     In the Brevard County area of Florida, when you said “Smitty”, you were talking about one man…Charles “Smitty” Smith…owner of Spirat Enterprises…a shop where you could get just about ANYTHING pertaining to motorcycles…this man was a true legend as far as fixing, building, and supplying parts for American made motorcycles. Alas, even legends pass on, as Smitty did last July 23,2022…a sad day indeed. A celebration of his life was held on Nov.12, 2022, at Legion #81 in Melbourne, FL. A huge crowd attended, bringing pictures and stories to share with one-another. There was food, a band, and Brotherhood. I believe ol’ Smitty was smiling down on all his friends today…Smitty, we’re gonna miss you…Rest in Peace my friend….

Miserable George and ValGal

Biker Bash 2022 by Valgal

With the year coming to a close in 2 months it is getting cooler to ride and we have some awesome events coming up to share! The Biker Bash this year was great as usual… Nana’s House will surely appreciate all the help! Thank you to Shovelhed for supplying the AWESOME MUSIC for this event. As Always the guys put on one HELL of a show. And thank you to the waitress that we had at our large table… Great, fast service… and our crew is picky but she pulled it off…

A new Bike Night is coming VERY SOON… Keep your eyes open and keep reading Old School Biker!

Love y’all ~ Valgal

Halloween Fun at Sully’s by Valgal

Well another year has sped by and here we were at Sully’s Sunday Funday for some face melting Rock and Roll from Brevard County’s BEST!!! Twisted Minds, Inc and Shovelhed!!! They rocked the night away for the ghoulies all dressed up for the party… I had such a great time seeing all my friends in South Brevard…

 Time to get ready for the Toy Run first weekend in December!… There are many events happening at the same time, this year more than ever… I have a newsletter going out EVERY THURSDAY in e-mail form to let people know what is happening around the area… Try to join the newsletter and look at it before you plan the event or benefit! We would love to be at every one but we can’t…So sign up with the newsletter at 😀

I look forward to the holidays and taking tons of pictures… If you see one of you and you want a print, I can do that! Also t-shirts are being made as we speak. I will have Regular black t’s but now we are offering gray(heather style) for men and women’s V-necks… Get your NOW! 

I hope you all drive safe and ENJOY!


POST 359 Halloween Party 2022 by Miserable George

     I believe a brief shower just before opening time of the Halloween Party at Post 359, MIGHT have “scared” some folks away…!!! We got there about 7PM, Oct. 29, 2022, and before it got too crowded, grabbed us some of that fabulous food inside..!! It wasn’t too long before the folks in costume began to arrive…the skies had cleared, and it looked like some perfect “party weather”…! Before you could say “BOOO”, the rear patio was crowded with ghosts, goblins, witches, and other assorted scary (I think) humans…!!!  Shelly, behind the patio bar, was now VERY BUSY, and she had a BIG smile for everyone!!! AND, the band….BIG DADDY was really “smokin’ ‘em” with some fabulous Halloween Rock & Roll…the dancing area was jammed all evening!!!! Well, by and by, it was time for the costume judging. Val, the WW2 WAC was the winner, followed by “The Hunchback” and “The HIppie”. Folks, I’m an old man, and my “Halloween Days” are pretty well over, but, I really enjoyed this gathering. You can count on ol’ 359 to hit the jackpot!!!

Hey, thank a VET today and be careful out there…GOD BLESS you all…

Miserable George( with some help from ValGal at OSB Magazine)

BOOBIES 2022 by Valgal

What a gorgeous day for a poker run!… Today we rode for BOOBIES!

Yes, that’s right, BOOBIES!!!  Starting at Lake Poinsett in west Cocoa, Brevard County, over 190 people rode in a poker run for breast cancer support.

Thank you to EVERYONE that participated to make this a GREAT success! 

See you next year, ENJOY!