PROJECT VET RELIEF by Miserable George

      We finally caught a warm day on Jan. 31, 2021 for the Project Vet Relief, held at American Legion Post 359 on US#1, just north of Cocoa, Fl. When I arrived, there was a LONG line at the food table, a hot combo was playing, folks were dancing, and it had all the promises of  a pretty successful event. Hot food…cold drinks…and a bunch of attractive ladies added to that promise..! The raffle tickets for the customized AR-15 were SOLD OUT…!!! Motorcycle activity in the main parking area was hot all day long, with several well known clubs represented. I hadn’t been out much because of the COLD weather, so, this party felt GOOD!!! Nice to bump into several old friends too. All in all, a pleasant way to spend a warm Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned for more up-coming events at 359. Stand up for your country, thank a vet, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal



….at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery..

I was awakened by a raging thunder storm on Dec.14, 2019, the day of the Wreaths Across America event at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery, on U.S.#1, just north of Mims, Fl. I was looking forward to this day, and now, I had no idea what might go down, however, as the morning wore on, the storms stopped, the skies brightened, and things looked a lot more promising.

I pulled into the Cemetery under blue skies and a huge crowd, estimated at well over 1500. The first event, was the delivery of the special wreaths to the speaker area, by a mule drawn  caisson. These wreaths were received by representatives of all branches of the Armed Services as well as the POW-MIA Rolling Thunder,FL. President. There were several speakers, including Congressman, Bill Posey. There was the Presenting of the Colors, National Anthem, Invocation, and Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a 21 Gun Salute, and, Taps, after which, the wreaths were laid on the grave-sites. All this was made possible by over 35 sponsors…groups and individuals from Brevard County. If YOU would like to sponsor a wreath, go to  click Local Fund-raising Group and type: FL0320. As always, the entire event went smoothly, with no tie-ups. I did a LOT of walking, but, I guess I needed the exercise!!!

Thanks to all the groups who helped to make this day a complete success.

GOD Bless you all…thank a vet today, and, stand up for your country…!

Miserable George

Florida Veteran Dies Alone 2,000+ Show Up to Support at His Funeral

motorcycle group carries American flags during an open funeral service for U.S. Army veteran Edward K. Pearson Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019, at the Sarasota National Cemetary in Sarasota, Fla. (Chris O’Meara/AP)

Today was a day 2000+ people showed up from all over Florida to honor and show respect for a veteran with no family… As reported by Tamara Lush, with The Associated Press.

They came on rumbling Harley Davidsons and in sleek Mercedes. They walked into the service with the aid of canes and service dogs. Women clasped bouquets of white flowers. Men gripped American flags large and small.

Cemetery officials say it’s not uncommon for veterans to die — and be buried — without family. Volunteer groups, such as the Patriot Guard Riders, regularly attend such services. Some in the crowd on Tuesday said they attend veterans’ funerals at several cemeteries in Florida.
Pearson would have been overwhelmed by the thousands who stood in the heat to send him off on Tuesday,
“I think he would have just totally been in tears,” she said. “He’s looking down and probably crying his heart out.”
News of the ceremony at an open-air pavilion area at the Sarasota National Cemetery spread fast and wide in veterans’ forums and on social media networks.

For many in the region — a place with thousands of retirees and veterans — it was impossible to think they wouldn’t attend.
“You know what? There’s no way I’m going to let him do this alone,” said Willie Bowman, 62, a Purple Heart recipient and career Army veteran. “I’ve never met the man. But he’s a veteran and he’s a brother of mine.”

32nd Moving Wall & All Veterans Reunion by Miserable George

   This huge event, the 32nd Moving Wall & All Veterans Reunion, began with the assembly of motorcycles, and various other necessary vehicles, at the BCC Campus on Clearlake Rd. in Cocoa, Fl, on Sunday, May 5, 2019. ValGal covered this phase of the event, while I proceeded directly to my usual vantage point on high ground in the Pineda area.

As always, local law enforcement agencies expertly handled the immense amount of traffic associated with an event of this size. There were no tie-ups that I knew of, although, there’s always some grumbling by motorists that are held up by the very long column of nearly 800 motorcycles and support vehicles.

After shooting my pictures, I proceeded to Wickham Park to shoot the next phase…setting up the Wall, and other displays, associated with America’s conflicts, which showed the names of combat people who lost their lives protecting our country and our rights. Very sad to see those thousands of names. This ended my day at the Park, but, I would return the following Saturday for the actual reunion.

    Saturday, May 11, 2019, dawned bright and clear, with a scourge of the cursed Love Bugs, which had been invading our area for the past week…Mother Nature fought us, but, I think we won…at least THIS battle!!

I arrived at the park in time for the landing of 3 combat helicopters, after which, was the Presentation of the Colors Ceremony, opening prayers , and our National Anthem, a very solemn segment of the day’s activities.

Noted local DJ, Doc Holiday was doing his usual bang-up job with the music, and, I had the honor of meeting two WW2 veterans…God Bless ‘em!! By this time, all the vendors were set up, with all manner of military goods…there was food, drink, and snacks of every description as well.

Over in the Wall area, all displays were in order, and being viewed by a huge crowd, including many younger people…let’s hope that THEY never have to go through what the people on the Wall did…!

This year, as like last, the helicopters flew low over the pond behind the Wall, dipping their noses down in tribute…it was quite a sight…very moving…!!  

Now, it was time for this old boy to head for home…a home I could retain, thanks to the sacrifices of the many who are named on the Wall. GOD BLESS them all. Please, support our troops, and, stand up for your country!!! Ride safe…

Miserable George

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Moving Wall Escort…2018 by Miserable George

  I can’t state officially, but, I was told, that this year’s Moving Wall Escort event had set a record for motorcycles accompanying the Wall from BCC down to Wickham Park in Melbourne, Fl. Yes folks, despite a looming threat of bad weather, the

bikers turned out in droves to show their patriotism

by crowding into the BCC grounds on Clearlake Rd. in Cocoa, and on down US#1 to the setting up point in Wickham Park. This year…there were NO mishaps, mainly through the efforts of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Dept., who before getting underway, enlightened the crowd in so far as safety on the road goes, and, it paid!! It was a very orderly column…no big gaps, no clowning around…they were there to show their  respect for all the men and women whose names are on that Moving Wall!!! Although we didn’t ride in the column, ValGal and I were proud to do our part by photographing the entire event. Setting up the WALL began as soon as the truck arrived at the park, and there were refreshments for the people who helped. Over in the stage area, Doc Holiday was doing HIS thing, there was free adult refreshments, and the Scouts were selling food as well. Stands were being set up…all in preparation for the big week ahead. Stay tuned with Old School Biker for the big gathering on Sat…Thanks to all for your support and to all the Law Enforcement for a job well done!!!! Ride safe, and…stand up for your country…

Miserable George & ValGal

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Congressman Bill Posey shows up for Wreaths Across America by Miserable George

    The Wreaths Across America Program was established several years ago to pay tribute to our deceased fighting men and women, who are interred in one of the many National Cemeteries across the country. Cape Canaveral National Cemetery joined the program in 2016…a year after opening in 2015.

The event took place on Dec. 17, 2016, on a warm, beautiful day, attracting a huge crowd, which included U.S.Congressman, Bill Posey.

A moment of silence was observed, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, the National Anthem, an invocation, and, retiring of the colors. Next came the placing of the Ceremonial Wreaths, remarks from the dignitaries, Benediction, a 21 gun salute, and Taps.

This was followed by the actual placing of the wreaths against every headstone in the cemetery …very inspiring and emotional.

They tell me that there were over 200 bikers who rode in from all over Brevard County, to pay their respects to the over 1520 veterans buried here.

The ceremonial wreaths were brought in on a caisson drawn by 2 army mules, and the wreaths to be placed against the headstones, were delivered by Walmart Transport personnel.

Thanks to all who helped make this event a huge success. It was a day to be remembered!!

Miserable George

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