WARBIRD AIR MUSEUM by Miserable George

Right next to Tyco Air Field, just south of Titusville, Fl., stands the Warbird Air Museum, which once a year, opens its doors for free, to all vets and Brevard County residents.

This year, I visited the Museum, which consists of a large gift shop, a huge room, filled with just about anything pertaining to military flight, from mess kits to parachutes, and boots to jet engines!!!PLUS, many actual aircraft, both jets and piston powered, including Tyco Belle, a DC-3 which participated in the Normandy Invasion…a REAL part of military history.

The restoration hanger now contains an F-14 Tomcat, being completely rebuilt, plus 2 small piston powered recon-type bi-planes. Over in the Nam era hanger, lives the queen of the skies…the mighty F-4 Phantom…! Plus several other Vietnam era fighters, and an array of models of everything you ever saw pertaining to military flight…very interesting. If you’d like to know something about any of the planes, there are personnel there who will answer all your questions! It was a very enjoyable visit. Food was available as were concessions for the kiddies…A few hours well spent…

Miserable George

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