WARM-FULL-SAFE by Miserable George

After weeks of 80 plus temps, Warm-Full-Safe-2019, got blasted with cold, wet, and miserable weather…however, that did not seem to deter the large group of riders who roared into Legion Post #1 on Nov. 17, 2019.

Hot food and warm space heaters helped deter the cold, although, many riders preferred COLD refreshment!!! There was an auction and a motorcycle raffle to try your luck, plus a 50/50 drawing, AND, the Henderson Bros. Band…and yes, people were dancing!!!

All proceeds went to the National Veterans Homeless Support organization, to help provide a pleasant Christmas for homeless Vets. This was the 10th. year for this event, and, despite the nasty weather, I’d say was a success!!

Folks, we just cannot do enough for our Veterans, because, without them, we may not even be here…!!

GOD BLESS them all..!

Stand up for your country, thank a vet., and stay safe…

Miserable George

WARM-FULL-SAFE by Miserable George

……..National Veterans Homeless Support…protecting and aiding our Vets….

The weather for the 9th. Annual Warm-Full-Safe Run, could not have been better, helping to get over 200 riders on the road to aid our Veterans!! I caught up with a large group of the riders out at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, and I believe the scenery out there alone, was enough to really get them “spirited” for the ride ahead.  I returned home for a quick bite to eat, then on up to Post #1, just north of Titusville, on US#1, to capture the ending of the run.

I understand there was a minor mishap on the road, but, I was unable to get any details…hoping everyone was OK. The aroma of food cooking, plus the sounds of the Spanks Band, greeted me as I arrived, a witness to a huge throng of brothers and sisters…there to help the Homeless Vets, and help they did to the tune of over $10,000…well done folks!!! Door prizes, a raffle, and the 50/50 drawing, kind of rounded out the day. A big THANKS to all who contributed…you will not be forgotten!! GOD BLESS our Vets…and hey…Stand up for your country…

Miserable George & ValGal

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WARM-FULL-SAFE by Miserable George

There’s really not enough that we can do for our combat veterans, and, the National Veterans Homeless Support…(NVHS) stages this event at Legion Post #1, just north of Titusville, Fl. It’s a run, with sign-up points in several places around the Space Coast. This year, it took place on Nov. 26, 2017, on a picture perfect day. Upwards of 150 riders participated, plus, many supporters, partaking of good food, drink, raffles, 50/50, along with the King of Brevard DJ’S…DOC HOLIDAY, himself, a veteran!! Participating clubs and organizations were: Bunker Riders, Blue Knights, Legion Riders, Nam Knights, Booze Fighters, Wild Dogs, River Rats, Eagle Riders, Combat Vets. Assn., Recon Riders, U.S. Military Vets., Patriot Guard Riders, and, the Old Bastards of Brevard. If I missed anyone, I am truly sorry!! All proceeds go to helping homeless veterans with housing and food, to help minimize that “lost feeling” that so often prevails among combat veterans when they return. Most of the money won by riders and raffle winners, was donated back to the NVHS!! Very heart-warming indeed. Our special THANKS to Legion Post#1, NVHS, and to all who made this event a success!!! God Bless you all…!

Miserable George & ValGal

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WARM – FULL – SAFE by Miserable George

      Proceeds from the Tony Mirabella Poker Run, have been helping Homeless Veterans for sometime now.

With 3 sign-in locations around the area, well over 100 bikes made the run, on Sunday, Nov.27, 2016, with the run ending at American Legion Post #1, in Titusville, FL.

All proceeds go to the National Veterans Homeless Support, which helps to actually keep Vets warm, full, and safe, and it really lives up to it’s name!!

Best hand earned $500, with $200 going to the worst hand!!

Big Daddy’s Rock & Roll Band did its usual fabulous job at entertaining the huge crowd.

Good food and drink helped too!!

I understand that at this event…over $10,000 was raised, with donations still coming in…!! Big Lou and the gang….you did your jobs well…God Bless you all…!!

Miserable George & ValGal…

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