ValGal and myself drifted into Willie’s right on time this year, and because it being Bike Week…the place was MOBBED. We were lucky to get a parking spot in the big Publix lot. As always, the bikes were jammed in tight in the front lot, along with a host of gorgeous babes. We did our best to get decent photos of BOTH!!! In the rear, Big Rick and the Troublemakers were blasting away to a nice large sitting audience…always liked that band…!!! I was getting a bit hungry, but I simply COULD NOT find a taco stand…anywhere!!! I didn’t make my annual trek up the hill this year…gettin’ too old for THAT. Always got a hot dog from the ladies at the Old Folks Home up at the top. I finally sat down under a big shade tree near-by, and almost dozed off….Val woke me up with a phone call…!!! Time for the bike judging. My thanks to Lulu from Thunder Roads Magazine for giving up her seat to me so I could get some decent pics of the bike winners…Lulu…yer a DOLL!!! After the judging, it was off to Pappas restaurant for a fabulous meal (as always), and then…HOME!!!

Hey, thank a VET today, ride safe, and respect your ELDERS!!!!’

Miserable George & ValGal


     The weather for Oct. 13, 2022, was supposed to be”iffy”, but it turned out beautiful, with only one quick passing shower. The turn-out was typical Biketoberfest…down a bit from regular Bike Week…easier to move around. ValGal and I did the deed. Big Rick and the Troublemakers did the entertainment. Of course, there was the usual turnout of beautiful ladies, along with a fabulous display of custom built motorcycles, the last 13 of which were pictured, were declared prize winners…sorry we didn’t get the actual prize presentations…this old man was simply too tired to continue. I love what I do, and do the best I can, but at 87 years old, it doesn’t work as good as it used to. There was a guitar auction for the benefit of a Veterans Organization too…I believe the final amount raised was$1400.00. Lots of food and the cold stuff on the grounds, along with merchandise you could buy.

All in all, a really FUN day at Willie’s…as always!!!!

Hey, thank a VET today, and GOD bless you all…

Miserable George & ValGal

Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show…Biketoberfest…2020 by Miserable George and Valgal

     Willie’s Tattoo did it again…another bang-up chopper show on October 15, 2020, and Man…it was hot…the show, AND the weather!! I wish Willie’s were on the opposite side of U.S.#1, so we wouldn’t get that brutal afternoon sun…! BUT, we survived…! The live band…Jacksonville Slim and Express Train were wailing all day in the back yard, and they attracted quite an audience!! There was food and drink back there, along with some large SHADE TREES!!! Lots of places to sit and relax, and maybe enjoy a slight breeze now and then. Plenty of vendors in that area too. Considering it was Biketoberfest, plus the on-going virus threat, the crowd was down a bit, making it easier to walk around and check out the custom machines. A bunch of beauties were judged and prizes awarded. I believe Willie has the winners’ names. Speaking of “beauties”…YES, plenty of beautiful ladies prancing around the grounds as well. Thanks Willie for yet another fabulous show at 825 S. Yonge St. in Ormond Beach…I NEVER miss this one…! Thanks too, to my daughter, ValGal, for all her help!! Thanks to the FWC Officer who administered first aid to my injured wrist…

Miserable George & ValGal

Valgal’s Pics

Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show by Miserable George

Like almost every other Chopper Show at Willie’s….the weather was perfect…maybe even a bit cooler…!!!  Our featured model of the day-Renea Hicks- was already hard at work when I got there, posing with a preselected bike, and, it seemed that every time you’d look at her, she had on a different outfit!!! Kudos to her….she worked super hard that day!! Usually, Biketoberfest features a slightly smaller crowd than Bike Week. Well, it started out that way, but as the day wore on, that crowd really grew!! As always too, lots of lovely ladies gracing the grounds in all sorts of eye-catching outfits, and speaking of “eye-catching” , our friend, Ellie, made the scene a little later in the day. Also on the grounds, were Dave Perewitz and daughter, Jody, holder of the womans’ motorcycle speed record…she raced at the Sons of Speed Races the following evening. We ran into “Orange John” Marinelli , former National Record holder in MC Drags, and lady drag racer Lily Padd…very exciting to see all these “fast” people!!! Rev. Al gave the invocation, and the awards for bike show winners were given out. Nice to see ol’ Roadside Marty again, AND, his Dad was there too. They also had a chopper in the competition. Oh yeah, I also ran into Lulu, my old boss!!! I tell ya….Willie runs one hell of a show…always the Thursday of Bike Week(s)…make it if you can. Nice to see all the Vets there again too…GOD BLESS ‘EM. Until next time…stand up for your country, and support our troops…God Bless America…

Miserable George

Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show…Bike Week…2019 by Miserable George

Ya know, I’m not even sure just how many years the fabulous Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show has been going on during Bike Week and Biketoberfest, but,

it gets bigger and better every year!!

Plenty of parking space, food and drink vendors, babes, and of course, some of the craziest hand made choppers you’ll ever come across.

Roadside Marty kept the ball rolling all day as only HE can. Ace builder, Dave Perewitz was there too, plus, I did run into a top female racer, Brittney Olsen, in her signature red skirt and golden slippers!!!  Big Rick and the Troublemakers were wailing out back…good show, Rick.

The group of Veterans was back to enjoy the show…God bless ‘em. I had company with me this year…Tonya…one of our cover girls. It was her first trip to Bike Week, and, she loved it!! I think the pictures can tell the story a lot better than I can, so…enjoy…!!!

ValGal has some stuff coming up too…Ride safe…

Miserable George

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Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show by Miserable George

Once again, the Biketoberfest fans were rocked at Willie’s Tropical Tattoo, with some of the most unusual hand-made choppers from far and wide…around the state of Florida, and beyond!!

A horde of eager revelers piled in at around noon, and partied hearty till about 5PM.

Despite the Florida afternoon heat, Big Rick and the Troublemakers had the crowd boogying, Twisted Tea helped quench some thirsts, and, of course, the many babes had the old eye-balls poppin’!!!

Things were good, ‘cause, ol’ Willie was walkin’ around all day with a big smile on his face!! As has happened before, we didn’t feel any rain until the main show was complete, and then, just a few random drops.

Gotta thank Roadside Marty for all his spontaneous humor, and his efforts to get a few of the ladies to pop their tops…YEAH!!! Hey, it’s Biketoberfest!!!

ValGal and I really enjoyed the day at Tropical Tattoo!!! Next Spring, it’ll all happen again!! Thanks to Willie and the crew for a job well done!!!

Miserable & ValGal

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