WMC….Valentine’s Day Massacre By Miserable George

Back in 1929 in this country, the mobs fought constantly for control of all the various ways to make money during Prohibition, and on Feb. 14th., 1929, members of the “Bugs” Moran group were gunned down in North Chicago. This became known as The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Now, for one reason or another, the Warlocks MC…Brevard Co. Chapter, chooses to commemorate this date with an annual party at their clubhouse on SR 520, in Cocoa, Fl. As luck would have it, the weather turned beautiful, with warm temps, and no rain, leading to a nice group in attendance. Lots of the cold stuff, plus a breakfast documented food menu of eggs, waffles, biscuits and gravy, and, sausage….very tasty…all of it…!!! We bumped into several old friends, which is always nice. My thanks to WMC…Brevard Co. Chapter, for an enjoyable evening. Ride safe, and thank a VET today…

Miserable George…Old School Biker Magazine

WMC-Seminole Chapter…Grand Opening by Miserable George

OK, it’s no big secret that the WMC Seminole Chapter over in Sanford was being re-organized, and now, it was time to present it with a Grand Opening Party, June 23, 2018, at the still-being-worked-on clubhouse at 1007 Sanford Ave.

Weather was a bit iffy, but, NOT a deterrent, as the scooters rode in all afternoon…true, some DID get rained on, but, in this heat, it must have felt pretty good!! Entering the AC’d clubhouse felt good, but, bar-maid, Ruthie made ya feel even BETTER!!! Lots of tables to relax at, a real motorcycle drag race machine to check out, scads of terrific food, and lots of babes prancing around looking pretty, PLUS, a gathering of Brothers from several WMC Chapters, as well as support clubs, other clubs, and general all-round supporters!!

Outside, parking was beginning to get scarce…I was glad I got there early!!

One thing that wasn’t scarce, was the Warlock hospitality!!

A big THANKS to all the Brothers and their Ladies who worked hard to see that everyone had a good time!! Gotta mention the good job the probates did with security too!! Nice to know that my HEMI and camera gear were secure.

Hey, ride safe, and stand up for your country…!!!

Miserable George

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