Sinclair Law

I had waited for THIS show for about a year!! The Misfires Car Club presented this year’s Groundhog Gala at a new venue…The Smokehouse, on SR. 46, just outside Sanford proper…high traffic area…BUT…we found it!

Huge crowd caused a quick over-flow of the parking lot, so, we had to park in a big field about 200 yards from the main entrance. No big deal…we needed the exercise!!!

I gotta say, they had a nice mixture of shiny customs, along with the very popular RAT RODS!!! Saw a few bikes too, as well as some always welcome pin-up babes. I always look for any HEMIS, but, this time out…I didn’t spot a single one….Maybe I just wasn’t looking right!

At any rate, it was a very enjoyable presentation…good job Misfires!!! I believe the pictures are a lot more interesting than my scribbling!!! SO…enjoy!!!

Miserable George

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