Sinclair Law

This classic Harley-Davidson ‘49 WL, started life as a Police Bike in Utah County, Utah, back in 1949.

Several years ago, Rick White, owner of Rick White’s Power Sports, got his hands on it, and the rest is history…!

Rick wanted the bike as close to ALL STOCK and ORIGINAL as possible, so, this meant chasing OEM parts all over the country, and chase he did…he even tracked down several parts as far away as…RUSSIA…!!!

The tranny required extensive work, and, some parts such as the speedometer turned up as VERY expensive…try $1200.00…!

OEM pipes were impossible to find, so, a set was made by  Ted’s Cycle, and paint was by B.J. Hot Rods, of Ogden, Utah.

Rick did all the electrics.

The wheels are OEM, AND…same size…front and rear.

The scoot is valued at a cool $26,300, and, has won MANY trophies, and landed features in several national motorcycle publications. This machine is about as close to original as you’re gonna get!!!

I love “Flatties”, and I really fell for this one. Thanks Rick for allowing OSB to show this work of art…

Miserable George