Sinclair Law

I got this bike from Mississippi as a basket case.

Took the frame and cut, raked the neck. Wanted to build an old school chopper. Its the original wish bone frame and original 49 motor, belly numbers match..

re-built the motor from crank up, mild cams, has 10:1 wisco pistons.heads have been gone thru as well

..powered by a joe hunt mag..the trans is a 53 and I put in Andrews gears close ratio

..went with a Bdl belt drive..did some fab work to mount the oil tank and rear fender,like the clean look on how it almost floats when ur looking at it from the side

..i love the sound of the old school bikes,just nothing better when they are rolling down the road to now where land…

Hazardous Cycles  Taylor Michigan..313-727-0468